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Drawing a hamburger rock | Artistro

What is one of the most favorite meals for Americans? You wouldn't be surprised if I told you that it is a His Majesty Hamburger. It has become a culinary icon a short while ago. You are free to join to the celebration of National Hamburger Day cooking delicious versions of hamburgers including cheese and bacon, chicken and salad, etc.

There are some fascinating facts about hamburgers which you should know before the party starts:

1. Such cities as Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston, and Baltimore are the loyal fans of hamburgers. Seattle is the leader of this list.
2. Toppings are the inherent part of hamburger’s cooking. Cheese is the most popular and tastiest. Then Americans adore adding lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle.
3. Favorite American restaurant chains are ready to propose you their hamburger’s recipes. There are Mac, Five Guys and Wendy’s on the three first places.

How to celebrate National Hamburger Day in the most efficient way? After you pick up your favorite recipe and buy all the required ingredients, please feel free to cook delicious hamburger. Don't forget to share it with the closest people. The best option is to feed someone hungry.

If you desire to put spirit into a pure rock, you will find out in this article how to design a cute hamburger devoted to the National Hamburger Day. 


1. Please prepare the tools. You will need a rock, a white acrylic paint, a yellow, a brown, an orange, a red, a green Artistro marker. Paint the rock with white paint. Dry the rock.

2. Then use an orange color marker to draw the front of the rock. Then draw horizontal lines with red, yellow and brown colors.

3. Draw salad with a green marker and sesame with a brown color marker!

4. Finish the project by putting colorful hamburgers-rocks on the plate. Children should be delighted.

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