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Drawing the bee on the rock | Artistro


The World Bee Day is a cheerful event celebrated on the 20th of May. It might be great to celebrate it, drawing bees on the rocks.

According to the statement of general manager of the Food and Agriculture Organization -"Bees are a sign of well-functioning ecosystems." Bees provide pollination, which is what makes food production possible.

By observing the health of bees and their improvement, it is achievable to determine changes in the environment and implement the required preventive measures in advance. Bees play a crucial role in the capacity of agricultural produce. Effective pollination boosts the quantity of agricultural produce, advances their quality, and increases plants’ resistance to pests.

If you desire to put spirit into a pure rock, you will find out in this article how to design a cute bee devoted to the World Bee day. Destined to you below DIY is an ideal way to spare time with your children. You are free to tell them about the meaning of this holiday.


  1. Please prepare the tools. You will need a rock, a white acrylic paint, yellow and black Artistro markers. Paint the rock with white paint. Dry the rock.


  1. Then use a yellow color marker to draw horizontal lines. Then repeat the same action with a black color. 


  1. Add some charming personality to the bee by drawing eyes, smile, wings, and cheeks with a white marker! 


  1. Finish the project by planting colorful flowers on the paper. Bees will be happy to land on them collecting honey. 




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