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Painted rocks devoted to the International Children's Day | Artistro

International Children’s day takes place on the 1st of June. Did you know that it was decided to celebrate at the World conference in Geneva in 1925? Switzerland was the first country which declared the children's rights and their prosperity. After that, most countries have admitted the importance of such a day. At the same time, it has not become a public holiday or day off.

It is an ideal opportunity to spend a day with a family, relaxing or taking part in amusing activities to honor the children. You may focus the attention of your kids on the crucial role of peace and human rights.

You are free to arrange games, music at school like in Mexico. The children bring in their favorite food to share with others. There can be some special activities for children in parks and sports centers. Also, the kids might be given presents by their parents and relatives. Most charity funds take part in the festivities, by holding functions with bigger organizations. Thus, everyone is able to join in to make this day a memorable event each year.

Please take the set of colorful Artistro paint pens to draw the children of various cultures on the rocks.


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