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summer clothes diy

Dream about a new pair of shorts or you need a trendy skirt? Looking for some easy summer fashion ideas, that are cheap but cool and unique? Or perhaps you needed something to do on a boring summer day? We have prepared for you amazing DIY projects for summer. 

Below you will find 10 fashionable DIY summer clothes and decorating ideas, that you will definitely fall in love with. Let’s update your wardrobe together! Are you in?

Summer is the perfect time for self-expression and creative decisions in clothes! Add bright colors to your look - the special mood is guaranteed! These easy DIY summer crafts will help to save your budget. They’re versatile, practical and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Refreshing of the wardrobe is an old life hack but everytime people added so many new ideas to the summer clothing DIY to create different looks and mix styles. Play with unusual and your favorite colors, dye your old boring t-shirts and be ready to impress your friends and relatives. 

Painting tutorials show you exactly how to get these awesome diy outfits for summer. Easy enough for you to make in a few hours, these bright ideas also make cute gifts for kids and adults! 

1. Watermelon t-shirt. Click the picture for the tutorial. ⬇️

Watermelon T-shirt

2. Zebra and leopard sneakers (try favorite animal print). Click the picture for the tutorial. ⬇️

Sneakers zebra and tiger

3. Sneakers with flower print

Sunflower Sneakers

4. Toucan denim skirt. Click the picture for the tutorial. ⬇️

Shorts with toukan

5. Kiwi print bag 

Leather Kiwi

6. Glass coasters. Click the picture for the tutorial. ⬇️

Cup coasters 

7. Banana t-shirt. Click the picture for the tutorial. ⬇️

Banana T-shirt

8. Ice cream plate 

Ice cream plate

9. Sunshine CD 

 sunshine CD

10. Juicy lemon hat. Click the picture for the tutorial. ⬇️

Lemon Panama

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