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How to Draw When You Can't Draw | Artistro

So many people, so many…styles! Each of us has our favorite clothing and accessories brands, which helps us look good and feel self-confident. But the most important thing that we expect from the wardrobe is to express ourselves, our personality, character, type of activity, mood as much as possible.

Even super fashion branded things sometimes turn out to be too basic and can't express your personality. A bit of customizing magic will make you stand out from the crowd. And it is absolutely not necessary to draw like a pro!

Whatever forces drove you to this article, with a little time and tons of creativity, you can create a one-of-a-kind wardrobe that is exclusive to you, and you alone. Got your attention? And the main point is that you will finally find the answers to your questions: how to draw when you can't draw? What should a beginner paint? With a little time and creativity, you can turn your basic apparel into an exclusive wardrobe that’s unique to you

Would you make it a personal stylist? – Of course YES! With the Artistro markers, everyone can draw and paint on any surface even if they are not an artist. Our step by step tutorials will help you to create your own personal unique things.

And now we want to share with you cool painting ideas and different technics of stencil art, ornament, dot, and sign painting:

1. By patterns:

Take and cut the template or take it ready if there is one. Then everything you need to do is to redraw. We advise to use a pencil to correct the mistake.

Click the picture below to see video tutorial ⬇️

Funny Mug

Draw with the template not only on a mug but on the bag. 

Painted Bag

2. Point method:

An easy idea to make a special cup. Choose 3-4 Artistro markers and make dot in a different order. 

Mug with Dots

3. Writing words and phrases:

To customize t-shirts is very simple too.

T-shirt for Girl

One of the simple ways to customize is just writing the word or phrase on any surface. It may be a plate. 

Plate Enjoy the Day

Draw with marker brush and water. Paint a piece of a cup then blend with a brush and water. You can choose some colors or take one. Write the word or phrase or maybe draw a small picture on top of the paint. 

Click the picture below to see video tutorial ⬇️

Mug Smile 

4. Simple geometric ornament:

To draw ornaments can make everyone.

Click the picture below to see video tutorial ⬇️

Rock with Ornament 

5. Step-by-step drawings for practice:

Practice on paper with this step by step tutorial. Then customize on T-shirts or sneakers. We have a collection of such tutorials in our article which is updated regularly.

Step by step Flower

6. Extraordinary methods of painting:

If you can’t draw you can use only water and nailpolish. Take a glass of water make some dots by nail polish and put the stone in the water.

Click the picture below to see video tutorial ⬇️

Rock Harmony

Use your hands print or fingerprint.

Click the picture below to see video tutorial ⬇️

Mug for Father 

7. Very simple idea for children to draw

Rock Snake

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