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How to Get Inspiration for Art - Artistro Artist's Tips | Artistro

Finding creative inspiration can be not that easy.
Today our artist Tatyana (@takamalyaka) will share some tips on how to find inspiration 🎨
✅ Take a walk.
If you got stuck sitting behind a desk,
just go outside. Leave your phone at home, take a slow walk and let your mind wonder. But try not to focus on anything too hard.
✅ Start with random strokes.
Just start adding colors, move the canvas around, play around with your supplies. So that you don’t have an empty canvas that scares you.
✅ Collect references.
Clip and save all the pictures you like. Store your references at one place and sort them by themes.
✅ Participate in art challenges. Art challenges are conducted for artists to make an artwork dedicated to a certain theme within a deadline. You can get inspired by other participants’ works and the deadline will stimulate you to create😉
Btw, currently we are conducting  #ArtistroOceanChallenge 🐚


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