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DIY Sherlock Holmes portrait with quote on wood | Artistro

Do you like to unravel mysteries, to bring to light underneath meaning? Then you should be ready for the celebration of Sherlock Holmes Day on the 22nd of May – the greatest detective ever. You might extend your gratitude doing the following activities.

The first option for a reading lover is to look through the immortal novel of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle somewhere outside. The second one is to re-watch endless movies versions with versatile actors including modern one with Benedict Cumberbatch, for instance. If you prefer to lead an active lifestyle, then you might like the idea to play a detective with your friends and family. At last, why don’t you try to draw him on the wood writing one of his famous sayings?

If you desire to put spirit into a real wood, please see below how to portray a detective devoted to Sherlock Holmes day. Destined to you below DIY is an ideal way to spare time with your children and tell them more about this famous book character. 


  1. Please prepare the tools. You will need a wooden circle, black acrylic paint, white and black Artistro markers
  1. Paint the wood with black paint. Dry the wood. Then use a white color marker to draw Sherlock face outline. Then fill out the face with a white marker. 


  1. Add some personality to the face by adding a smoking pipe and one of the famous sayings with a black marker! 


  1. Finish the project by adding a cup of English tea and the novel near the wooden portray. 


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