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Patchwork design painted rock

07 May, 2019 |

Learn how to create cute patchwork painted rock design in no time with Artistro paint pens. 


DIY butter dish design

06 May, 2019 |

Who wouldn't enjoy cooking, smearing and spreading with help from this perfect plastic butter dish? Learn how to turn ordinary kitchen butter dish into piece of art with the help of Artistro markers!

Artistro plate designs

05 May, 2019 |

Get inspired by our wonderful designs of DIY Artistro paint pens plates! 

DIY mandala glass plate

29 April, 2019 |

This decorative mandala glass plate is a one of a kind piece that you will not find anywhere else. This plate looks fantastic propped up on a plate holder or hung on the wall. It is very therapeutic to look at and you get drawn in by the mesmerizing design and soft colors. 

Mandala 'step-by-step' rock painting

24 April, 2019 |

Mandala drawing is like an art therapy. Mandalas are great tools for meditation and increasing self-awareness. Try this rock painting DIY to relax after a hard day!