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Why Autumn is the Best Season to Get Inspired

24 September, 2020 |

Do you like autumn? Artistro will show you the beauty of autumn. Create with Artistro markers you will understand why autumn is the best season.


Ornamental Rock Painting: Mandala Painting Tutorial

22 September, 2020 |

Mandala drawing is like an art therapy. Mandalas are great tools for meditation and increasing self-awareness. Try this rock painting DIY to relax after a hard day! 

Debunking Drawing Myths

17 September, 2020 |

Your dream is start drawing but you are afraid. Everyone says that you are too old or art is useless. Сan anyone learn to paint? Yes. And Artistro will show it.

VARNISH VS. FIXATIVE: What are Their Differences and Key Features?

29 August, 2020 |

Let's see what is varnish and what is fixative spray and what is the difference between them. Let's take a closer look at how each of them works exactly and what are their main features.

Top 5 Tips to Get Better at Drawing: Improving Art Skills with Artistro

28 August, 2020 |

There are many ways to improve your artistic skills. Artistro prepare some tips to help you draw better. Use our tips for being a good drawer.

21 Creative Painting Ideas for Your Food Cute Drawings

15 August, 2020 |

Create delicious art with Artistro tutorial. We prepare some simple food drawings. 


The Artist is in the Details: Top 7 Painting Surfaces to Reveal your Inner Artist

13 August, 2020 |

Today Artistro brand gives us a unique opportunity to create without restrictions in the choice of tools and painting surfacesArtistro Acrylic paint markers have absorbed the best characteristics of acrylic and oil paints to become their advanced replacement. 

10 Questions to the Artist: Sara M. and Her Art Way

02 August, 2020 |

We want to show you talented artist of our time whose artworks are inspired everyone. We ask questions about art and their life. They will share their secrets and inspire you to create amazing works.

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