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Watermelon painted rocks

01 August, 2019 |

It's watermelon season! Did you know that Watermelon Day is celebrated on 3rd of August? Made of almost 92% water, the fruit is full of Vitamins A, C, and antioxidants. So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a few slices of watermelon to celebrate this delicious holiday.



Fun Notes Painted Rocks tutorial

31 July, 2019 |

If you love music and rock painting the way we do - then this tutorial is just right for you!

Gold and silver rock painting designs

22 July, 2019 |

Turn your rocks into gold and silver! Amazing metallic design with Artistro gold and silver markers. 

Recycled coasters painted with Artistro paint pens

21 July, 2019 |

These custom made fake leather coasters are great for those who like to splash their drinks 😃

Snake painted rocks tutorial

18 July, 2019 |

Fun snake painted rocks tutorial is perfect way to spend time with kids painting!

Mermaid design mug

14 July, 2019 |

Unique ceramic coffee mug to wake up your inner mermaid. Fashionable and colorful, this mug is perfect for morning coffee, hot tea before bed, or hot cocoa on a cold day! This also will make a perfect gift!

Best Rock Painting ideas for Kids this summer

11 July, 2019 |

Summer break is in high gear so we put together some of the most creative and adorable Rock Painting Ideas for Kids from Artistro! 

Forest animals painted rocks DIY

09 July, 2019 |

Enjoy this DIY forest animals tutorial with your kids!