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16 October, 2020

100+ Artistro Rock Art Ideas: Creating Marvelous Infinity Stones

Inspired by Artistro 100+ great rock art ideas! Transform rocks into original interior decoration, landscape design elements and intriguing gifts for friends.

22 September, 2020

Ornamental Rock Painting: Mandala Painting Tutorial

Mandala drawing is like an art therapy. Mandalas are great tools for meditation and increasing self-awareness. Try this rock painting DIY to relax after a hard day! 

28 May, 2020

20 Rock Painting Ideas in Trend Today

We have a lot of amazing and easy rock painting ideas. Try out by yourself, or maybe with your children. Painting rocks with acrylic paint is a fun, inexpensive craft you can do with Artistro paint pens. You can create rock art projects with stone painting tutorial by Artistro. We prepare for you some of them.