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Kids crafts video tutorial

03 April, 2020 |

Look at this cool video tutorial for kids activities and try to make them with your little fidgeter🤗

Water bottle tutorial

31 March, 2020 |

Take care of your health by drinking more water👩‍⚕️

Wood slice painting with flowers

27 March, 2020 |

We are continuing to share with you cool ideas for home crafts, and today we want to show you this amazing wood slice painting project with flowers. 

If you are interested in how to keep kids busy and make them paint wood slices rather than the walls, try to create this project with them :)

Mug crafting tutorial

24 March, 2020 |

Look at this Artistro tutorial and turn your favorite mug into a piece of art🖼️

Funny craft project for kids

20 March, 2020 |

The joint creation of projects will help your kids realize their art potential and have fun with the whole family. Spend more time with your children and create these awesome bees and butterflies with Artistro! 

Egg painting tutorial

19 March, 2020 |

Hi, friends :) Now is a very hard time for all, so Artistro wants to support you and show how you can spend time with fun and stay at home🙌

Painted Plate

17 March, 2020 |

Learn how to paint plates and create an amazing atmosphere in your home with handmade decor. At Artistro, we believe that everyone is artist, so today we will show you step by step how to create this amazing plate. 

St. Patrick's Day is on its way☘️

17 March, 2020 |

Do you believe in little leprechauns that can fulfill any of your wishes and bring you a lot of luck? Or do you think that magic happens only in fairy tales?