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🏠 10 FUN Activities to Do with Kids at Home

15 April, 2020 |

Artistro kindly offers you 10 activities that are sure to excite and entertain you and your little artists even when everyone is stuck inside! Try these fun and easy craft projects with your kids! 

Wood slice painting with flowers

27 March, 2020 |

We are continuing to share with you cool ideas for home crafts, and today we want to show you this amazing wood slice painting project with flowers. 

If you are interested in how to keep kids busy and make them paint wood slices rather than the walls, try to create this project with them :)

Yoga wood slice painting tutorial

27 February, 2020 |

Yoga is not about self-improvement, it is about self-acceptance.Enjoy our video tutorial!

National Winnie the Pooh Day

18 January, 2020 |

Everyone loves the characters from and the friendship inspired by the collection of books starring Winnie the Pooh, written in 1926. E. H. Shepard beautifully illustrated the books.⁠

We beelong together 😍💖⁠

13 January, 2020 |

Meet our new gorgeous tutorial, created with ourWood Slices Kit 😍 Painted wood slices with kind words are much better than a simple card on Valentine’s Day. ⁠

Wild animals

10 January, 2020 |

Today we want to share with you this creative wood slice painting step-by-step tutorial. This project will create awesome home decor!

Painted Wood slices with wishes✨🎄

30 December, 2019 |

Bring some holiday cheer into your home with this project using our Wood Slices Kit🎁

Home sweet home

23 December, 2019 |

Enjoy our new wood slice painting tutorial and create a magical Christmas atmosphere✨✨