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The Kindness Rock Project | Artistro

Have you heard about The Kindness Rock Project?

If no, we highly recommend to visit their website ?

What is the idea?

People around the world decorate rocks with inspirational messages and leave them in random public places for people to find. Why? ❤️Just to bring some kindness to others, inspire and make them smile.

Isn’t it awesome?!

Here are some examples we want to share with you for inspiration.

All you need is just rocks, multi surface paints such as FolkArt and multi surface markers such as artistro, sharpie, uniposca or others.


Photo 1. Project by Crafts Unleashed from Consumer Crafts

Photo 2. Project By Suzanne Cook.

Photo 3. Project by Rin Dawson

Photo 4. From

Photo 5. Project by heartmadestineart

If you love arts and crafts, it is a must to be a part of this amazing project.

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