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Wild animals | Artistro

Today we want to share with you this creative wood slice painting step-by-step tutorial. This project will create awesome home decor!

For this project you will need onlyArtistro's Wood Slices Kit. In this kit, we provide all you need for any craft project :)

Step 1. Prepare the wood slice. In our Wood Slices Kit, all of the wood circles for crafts are unique, round, smooth, and made of real pine. All holes on the wood circles are pre-drilled for easy hanging, with included natural color jute twine and red ribbon for a perfect rustic look!

Step 2. Add some colors.

Step 3. Outline the bird and the branch with the black acrylic paint.

Step 4. Fill the bird and the branch in with black acrylic paint.

Step 5. Add some white color.


Your project is ready! Enjoy your creations  :)

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