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Milk & Cookie DIY Mug Painting Designs | Artistro

If you are a sweet-tooth as we are you would love this 'You are the milk to my cookie' glass mug DIY. Gather your supplies: a glass mug, Artistro paint pens and don't forget some milk and cookies to sweeten up your mood 😉 


1. What will come in handy: a glass mug, Artistro paint pens 

artistro paint pens
glass mug for painting
painting on glass mug

3. Add outlining and details. Write the phrase 'You are the milk to my cookie' under white line.

diy mug ideas

P.S. Don't forget that to get markers stay on a mug, you need to bake it. Please follow our user-guide to do it properly! 

diy mug painting

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