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DIY mandala glass plate

29 April, 2019 |

This decorative mandala glass plate is a one of a kind piece that you will not find anywhere else. This plate looks fantastic propped up on a plate holder or hung on the wall. It is very therapeutic to look at and you get drawn in by the mesmerizing design and soft colors. 

DIY saltcellar design

28 April, 2019 |

There is no place like home, right? Make your home cozier by adding personalized touches on details. This DIY saltcellar design is perfect for those who doesn't like ordinary things

Party balloon lettering

27 April, 2019 |

Preparing for the birthday party? Make it special by adding some customized balloons. Use our paint pens to write all the wishes! 

30 Rock Painting Ideas

26 April, 2019 | 3 Comments

Artistro paint pens are perfect for rock painting and we love sharing ideas of designs with you. Check out these 30 creative ideas and have fun painting rocks! 


'Seek adventures' cup art tutorial

26 April, 2019 |

Customize your paper coffee cup into fantastic piece of art. You can also use this idea for parties, family gatherings and even present this cup as a gift! 

DIY Summer cardboard coasters set

25 April, 2019 |

These useful coasters are made out of cardboard. It is a good way to recycle the cardboard and create hand made coasters that will brighten your dinner table! 

DIY 'Mom life' handmade vase for Mother's Day

25 April, 2019 |

Turn simple glass jar into a wonderful Mother's Day vase and surprise your mom with some flowers on this beautiful day! 

Mandala 'step-by-step' rock painting

24 April, 2019 |

Mandala drawing is like an art therapy. Mandalas are great tools for meditation and increasing self-awareness. Try this rock painting DIY to relax after a hard day!