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How to use paint pens?

Before you start drawing, you need to select and prepare the canvas or paper itself. Since a marker is a versatile tool, you can use many other surfaces besides canvas or paper: wood, fabric, metal, plastic, ceramics, glass. Whichever you choose, make sure the drawing surface is immaculate and smooth enough to distribute the ink evenly. Shake a paint pen vigorously without removing the cap. After that, activate a marker as indicated in our manual below. After priming, you can start drawing right away. In some cases, you need to reactivate a paint pen if you have not used it for some time.

What are paint pens?

A marker is a popular and convenient writing tool used for various clerical, office, technical tasks, and drawing art projects. Most often, paint pens are made using alcohol, water, and oil bases. Thanks to the lightness and maneuverability, a marker has become a tool for creating masterpieces for everyone, without exception, because even a child can draw with a paint pen.

At Artistro we are pleased to offer you a range of products that we have created with love for the needs of all creative people:

  • water-based paint pens
  • oil-based paint pens
  • original bundles of markers
  • fine tip markers
  • extra fine nib paint pens
  • medium tip paint pens
  • brush-tip markers

On our website, you can buy a unique sample set at a promotional price, stunning metal or glitter set of paint pens to personalize your artworks.

How to paint wine glasses with markers?

Carefully clean and dry the glass after wiping it with rubbing alcohol. Draw your unique design with paint pens and let it dry for at least 24 hours to completely ensure the ink adheres to the glass surface. Bake the painted glasses for 1 hour at 180˚C (350˚F). Be sure to let the design cool completely in the oven before removing it.

Using paint markers for wood

Markers work great on treated and semi-finished wood. Using paint pens for rocks. Artistro markers are the number one choice of rock artists. Our permanent paint pens will help you create the most impressive rock painting designs. Don't miss our new product, Artistro Rock Painting Kit, to get ready for the Kindness Rocks marathon.