Watercolor Paint Set in Tin Box, Set of 48

Watercolor Paint Set in Tin Box, Set of 48

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  • ■ Amazing Quality for the Money: Your watercolor art comes to life in vibrant colors with high-quality art materials, designed for both beginners and professional artists. Brilliant and bright water colors with the addition of neon and metallic colors are completely water-soluble and have high quality pigments.Ideal for coloring books, business cards, art diaries, sketching, bullet journaling, lettering and creating your own artwork on watercolor pad, card making, art journaling, sketching and more

    ■ High-pigmented: Watercolor paint has an incredible palette of colors, mixes well, rich high pigment quality. They are dry fast , fading resistant and have excellent fluid.

    ■ Elegant Design & Giftable Box: Lightweight mint tin box is stylish and ergonomic, also the perfect gift for all art-loving students, artists, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, Best gift for Children, Mothers day, Valentine's Day, Gift for family.

    ■ Everything you need in one set: Our Artistro watercolor paint set contains everything to start painting right now - 40 High quality pigment colors including amazing 4 Fluorescent and 4 Metallic Colors, Metal box, 10 sheets of 300g Watercolor Paper, Exclusive Water Brush Pen, Sponge, Drawing Pencil, Brush, Eraser, Swatch Sheet. This set is thought out to the smallest detail, enjoy your creativity wherever you are, with Artistro watercolor paint set

    ■ Non-Toxic, No Odor: Artistro water color paints conform to ASTM D-4236 & EN71 safety standards Please keep from direct contact with food. Water color paints are suitable for both kids above age 3 and adults
  • Product FAQ

    How to activate markers?

    Artistro paint pens require a few steps to get them ready for use. Note: Artistro markers include instructions on the pens themselves, inside the box, and on the box of the markers too. Let’s start today’s marker tutorial! 

    ✔️ Step 1: Shake the marker well to ensure the paint is thoroughly mixed. Always shake the pen before using - especially if it wasn’t used for a while. 

    ✔️ Step 2: Remove the cap, use it to press slightly on the tip to let the air out. Start pumping the tip this way it activates the pen into the paint itself. As you press down the paint will make its way to the tip. Be patient! Once the tip is in color and you can draw a line without breaking up - it’s ready for use! 

    ✔️ Step 3: We strongly recommend you to test the ink on a piece of paper first before starting your project to ensure the ink runs smoothly.

    Adhere to recommendations and drawing + using paint markers will always be an easy and enjoyable process!

    What are the best surfaces to use your paint pens on?

    Artistro paint pens work on almost any surface: rocks, ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, vinyl, wood, fabric, canvas, paper,  pumpkins, leaves, denim and etc.

    How to store paint pens?

    Ideally Artistro Markers should be stored horizontally as this makes re-mixing the color inside the marker easier between uses. Avoid storing them vertically with the nib facing down as dense pigments will collect at the valve, making them susceptible to clogging and re-agitation more difficult.

    What are the sizes of the tips?

    The range of the tips varies: the extra-fine tip is 0.7mm-1mm, the fine tip is 1mm-2mm, the medium tip is 2mm-3 mm.

    How to fix the paint on fabric?

    How to paint on a T-shirt/fabric and make permanent marker design: 

    ✔️ Step 1: Wash to remove any shrinking. Even if the label on your fabric says "pre-shrunk," it would still be a good idea to wash it. 

    ✔️ Step 2: Place a piece of cardboard inside the fabric. It should be about the same size as the fabric. You can also use a folded up newspaper, an old magazine or catalog.

    ✔️ Step 3: After the paint is completely dry (at least 24 hours), you need to heat set it for permanency and washability.

    ✔️ Step 4: Most fabrics can be heat set using an iron on medium or high heat (without steam) for 3-5 minutes. Use a cotton piece of cloth between iron and T-Shirt/fabric.

    ✔️ Step 5: Wash the T-Shirt/fabric 3 days after applying paint (cold water, hand wash preferably). This will remove any potential shrinking and starch. It will make the paint stick to the shirt better.

    Use a spray sealant to seal sneakers and shoes. Let your design dry completely before applying.

    Can you wash the fabric with a painted design in a washing machine?

    We advise hand washing in cold water.

    How to cure paint on ceramic and glass?

    How to paint a mug with acrylic paint step by step: 

    ✔️ Step 1: Choose a workplace and cover it with a newspaper.

    ✔️ Step 2: Make a design on the ceramic mug with a pencil. You can customize the mug with the picture or with the quote. For dark surfaces choose gold, silver, or white colors. 

    ✔️ Step 3: After fully dry (at least 24 hours), place your project into a cold oven; Turn oven to 350 ̊F (180 ̊C);

    Set a timer for 1 hour; After one hour open the oven; Let the project cool down completely inside the oven.

    ✔️ Step 4: Hand-washing in warm water is the best option to wash the surface. We do not recommend using a dishwasher or a heavy-duty sponge.

    What’s the difference between acrylic and oil-based paint pens?

    The simplest answer will be the drying time difference. Water-based markers dry fast where oil is not. Also, oil-based markers dry permanently, where water-based dry only water-resistant, thus to make them permanent you have to seal or bake the project depending on the material.

    How to blend markers?

    For making the gradient you will need two paint pens in different colors, a paintbrush, and a cup with water. Paint the half of the surface with one color. Take one marker and squeeze out a little paint, then take a different color and also squeeze the paint. Blend it with the wet brush. You need to act quickly because the acrylic paint dries fast. Continue to paint till you get the final result. Artistro markers are based on acrylic ink, that's why they work well with water.

    How to remove marker from rocks and ceramic?

    Removing permanent marker from such surfaces as rocks and ceramics is easier than you think, use a solvent or nail polish remover and a cotton pad to get the marker off. 

    Enjoy this small trick and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Practice makes it perfect!

    How to clean nibs?

    To clean the tips of acrylic paint pens, you can run warm water for a minute to wash off any excess paint, or can use a piece of paper towel to clean. Rubbing alcohol can also be used to clean the tips of both the acrylic & oil-based nibs.

    Do markers have a smell?

    No, the markers are odor-free.

    Are these markers refillable?

    No, the markers are non-refillable.

    Are these paint pens waterproof?

    Yes, these paint pens are waterproof.

    Does paint wash off hands?

    Yes, the acrylic paint is water-based paint and comes off with water.

    Are these markers food safe?

    To claim markers food safe they should have FDA approval. Those markers have not been sent to FDA for this request. We do not recommend using markers in contact with food.

    Are the markers dishwasher safe?

    We do not recommend to put the project in the dishwasher, because of high water temperature. It might not be dishwasher safe. But it is water-resistant, when glass, porcelain, and ceramic projects are properly cured. Just use warm water to wash mugs or cups, it will be safe for design.

    How long should I wait for the rocks to dry before applying the sealant?

    Please, wait up to several hours until the paint is completely dry.

    Do the markers bleed through paper?

    It depends on how thin the paper is, and if the paint markers are acrylics or oil-based.

    The paint will not flow even after activating and priming. What to do?

    Possible Solution:

    A. You can try detaching tips and reattaching and tips and try to prime again. Pressing down on the tip in a pumping motion until there is a consistent flow of paint.

    B. You can place tips of pens under running warm water for a minute or 2 remove, wipe the water off and prime and use. Please note that 1 paint pen can activate quicker than another.

    What to do if the paint bleeds on a certain type of surface (wood/rock)?

    You can lightly seal the surface you are working on prior to starting a project, this will create a smooth enough surface and will limit the likeliness of the paint bleeding.  When working on rough surfaces, it’s best to go slow especially if you are using extra-fine tip paint pens.

    The marker seems watery, what to do?

    This could be caused by the pigment settling inside the pens and shaking alone will not help. You can try giving pens a few light taps on a hard surface to help break pigment up for it to be mixed in properly with the liquid agent in pens. At all times, there should be a ball inside each pen that is there to help with the mixing of the paint.  If that ball is not heard, then that paint pen is more or likely defective.

    The paint is not staying on the surface of ceramic/glass even after baking.

    You will need to increase the temperature of the oven and make sure that the paint has dried properly before placing it into the cold oven to bake.

    What sealant we can use on glass if baking is not an option?


    Mod Podge CS11201 Waterbase Sealer, Glue & Decoupage Finish, 8 oz, Gloss, 8 Fl Oz

    Krylon K01303007 Acrylic Spray Paint Crystal Clear in 11-Ounce Aerosol 

    Mod podge dishwasher safe sealant

    Can I use Acrylic Markers with oil paint?

    Providing the Acrylic Marker is fully dried, it can be used in thin layers underneath oil paint.

    Can I use your Acrylic Markers with my solvent-based spray paint?

    Yes, providing the spray paint is thoroughly dry, our Acrylic Markers can be used with solvent-based spray paint.

    Can I use your markers outside?

    Yes! Our Acrylic Markers are suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

    Is the paint microwave safe?


    How to resin rocks?

    Please let the design dry 24 hours prior to apply resin.

    Are your products non-toxic?

    All our products are nontoxic and are certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

    Do you test on animals?

    No, Artistro does not test on animals.

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    Deborah W.
    United States United States
    Artistro Watercolor Paint Set - Love it

    I ordered the Watercolor set after watching a video on You Tube. I love it. I have not used the brush pen but everything else is excellent! Would definitely purchase again.

    Marsha H.
    United States United States
    Includes metallics and flourescent colors!

    Good so far. Like the color selections and wanted the metallics and flourescent colors. Metallics can be opaque or transparent. Nice selection of oranges and greens. The included brush did not last long. I wore it out already but the waterbrush works well.

    Patricia V.
    United States United States
    High Quality Watercolors

    I love these watercolors! The colors are bright and rich. A real addition to my watercolor collection. The price is unbelievable for all the accessories you get with them.

    Barb C.
    United States United States
    Love these paints!

    A very good variety of colors. The quality is comparable to the artist grade tube paints that I use. I will be putting this paintbox in my travel bag for plein air painting. The kit comes with everything you would need for painting on the go or in your studio.

    Lisa P.
    An awesome compact watercolor set!

    Very excited to receive this Artistro's watercolor set after using and loving their acrylic paint markers! The metal case is sturdy and contains everything needed to get started, especially nice for a beginner. And also perfect for a gift or slipping in your backpack or suitcase to take on a holiday trip! There's every color imaginable as well as metallic and fluorescent colors. All of the paints are creamy and bright, and very easy to work with. I liked having a brush and water brush pen included and also a pencil and eraser, and the reusable sponge for easy cleanup. The paper included is of very good quality but small, just purchase a larger pad along with this set! The performance of these watercolors exceeded my expectations! I would definitely buy Artistro brand again and highly recommend this watercolor set!

    Nicole O.
    Finally a good starter set!

    I've been searching for a good beginning watercolor set for a while. I bought two other sets that were similar in cost--including a 12 half-pan Winsor and Newton one--but was not impressed by either. However, after testing out the Artistro watercolor set, I've finally found exactly what I was looking for! The pink metal case is aesthetically pleasing and feels substantial, but not heavy. Other sets I tried came in plastic boxes that did not lay flat, but this box does. When I completed the color swatches using the color swatch sheet that was included, I was slightly concerned because the paint seemed to separate a bit; however, when I actually sat down to paint a full piece, the paints worked exactly as I had hoped. The variety of colors is excellent. The slight gap between each paint pan was also nice to help avoid accidentally dipping into a neighboring color (this was an issue with another set I tried). I have a suspicion I'm going to be gifting this set to many people in my life as it would make an impressive gift and is very affordable. Overall, I'm so pleased to have finally found a watercolor set that works as I need it to so that I can begin to really build my skills as an artist.

    Michael G.
    Cute and high quality!

    This is really nice! The colors are nicely pigmented, the metallics have good coverage, the fluorescent colors are soooo bright, they're basically highlighters! The water brush pen is actually sturdy, the sponge is super useful and the little paintbrush that's included is also really nice! I've only had it for a day, but I did a quick test doodle and I really do like it!!I'm going to keep it in my bag so I can use it on the go!

    Beautiful starter set!

    This set is a great way to start working with watercolors. It comes with everything you need -- pans, paper, swatch card, sketch pencil, eraser, standard brush, a refillable brush pen, case and carrying pouch.I've been working with watercolors for more than fifteen years and the color pigments are quite nice, some much better than others. The pans don't feel too gritty and the pigments can be built up on themselves for a richer opacity or watered down for a sheerer wash.Overall, I've been having a fun time playing with this set since it includes metallics and neons, which usually are sets of their own.I do recommend this for people just starting or wanting to expand their current tools.

    M. P.
    I'm impressed!

    I'm very impressed with the Artistro Watercolor Paint Set. To start, the packaging is amazing. The metal tin is inside a soft drawstring bag. In addition to a package of watercolor paper, they also include a swatch sheet for you to paint. There is a very nice plastic overlay sheet showing you where the colors are located. It will also help cover any paints that may still be a bit damp.I love that they include a pencil, eraser, fine paint brush, and a water brush. That way you have all your supplies in one place.The individual paints are not labeled and there is nothing holding them in the container. I plan to put the color number on the bottom of each little tray. Easy fix.I'm very new to watercoloring. This set is just right for me. Perfect for beginners. More than enough colors to choose from. There is plenty of pigment. I was surprised how dark/bright the colors are on the paper. The metallic paints are very fun to use. Considering all that's included, this is a good value.

    Cicely S.
    Beautiful Watercolor Set

    The metal tin was packaged nicely in a fabric bag to protect the case. It was even nicer that the set included paper and brushes. The paints covered well and showed a good depth to the colors. It was fun to try the metallic and flourescent colors to add a bit of pop to the paintings I have done so far.