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STEP 1. Learn details

  • 1.Shake the pen well with the cap on to avoid ink splatter. Remove the cap carefully to avoid paint spill.

    2.It is a pump action paint pens, make sure you prime the pens first.

    3.Test the ink on a piece of paper first before starting your project to ensure the ink runs smoothly.

    4.Once the ink starts flowing, you are ready to start your project. Recap when finish.

    ATTENTION:Marker Pen is a mechanism, it takes time to learn how to work with the pens. Once learned you will love to work with them.

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  • 1. Find your rock. It should be round and smooth. Clean it. If the rock is too rough, use two layers of acrylic paint as a basecoat to smooth the surface.

    2. For the painting process, you will need different sized brushes,pencils, acrylic paint, acrylic paint pens, a cup of water, paper towels, and to mix colors.

    3. For better results and for a longer life of your rock design. Please wait up to 24 hours after painting before applying sealant on the rock.

  • FAQ

    Where do I get rocks to paint?

    You can use ones you find right on the street, buy them in bulk from a craft store, or buy them online. You can even make your own using molds and casting powder, like plaster of Paris, if you want a perfectly symmetrical stone.

    What type of pens or markers do I need?

    You will need acrylic pens with tips in different sizes. You might find that you want to create outlines or small details on your rocks. This kind of precision is a lot easier with a fine tip pen.

    What kind of paint do I need to use for rock painting?

    If you prefer to paint your rock with paint and a brush, you’ll want to grab acrylic paints.

    Do I need a sealer? What kind?

    If you plan on leaving your rocks outside or selling them, you are going to want to seal the designs.There are a few types of brush-on sealers and a spray kind. Either way, make sure the label says that it is weather resistant and non-yellowing. You will also need to decide on your finish: matte, gloss, or satin.

    What kind of brushes do I need?

    You will need to get a set of brushes. Nothing fancy is necessary when you are just getting started.Look for a set that has a larger square edge tip to color big spaces, at least one medium size, and a few smaller tips. While you paint your first few batches of rocks, you will learn which brushes are your favorites.

    Do I need any other painting supplies?

    As far as palettes go, plastic ones are very cheap at art supply stores, but you can even use cleaned butter tub lids in a pinch.

  • Rock art painting is one of the oldest forms of art.But in the modern world, artists have given it a new birth and discovered itsnew application:  souvenirs, gardendecoration, and house design elements. Also, the best artworks go straight tothe windows of museums and art galleries.

    So, what is rock painting and why is it so popular?

    Rock painting is a great way to spend time and createunique handmade crafts. Children easily get carried away with this kind ofcreativity, because stones come in completely different shapes and the processof painting rock is very fun.

    Using decorative rock painting, you can decorate aroom or garden area; make an unusual souvenir or installation; even come upwith an original game. Everything is limited only by your imagination, and whenadults run out of ideas, children come to the rescue.

    The most popular way to paint stones is to use acrylicpaints or markers. You don't have to be a real artist to make amazing diy rockpainting. Novice artists can draw outlines with a pencil, and then paint overthe areas with a brush and paints. Sometimes a couple of brush strokes areenough to turn an ordinary stone into a piece of art that you are not ashamedto show your friends or put on a dresser as a decoration.  

STEP 3. Be convinced

Bec Terry

Bec Terry (USA)


When I use Artistro I never have a problem, they provide a variety of vibrant, top quality products at very affordable prices. They even offer a rock-painting kit including everything you need to get started on your next hobby.

Shelby Williams

Shelby Williams (USA)


Artistro fine point paint pens are so easy to use, are perfect for small details, and the colors are so vibrant. My favorite set is the trending colors 15 pack. The variety of colors are unique and bright.

Sandra Rath

Sandra Rath (Germany)


I love the Artistro pens and use them to paint on stones. They are easy to use, have great, strong colors and are fun to be creative with. They also don't smear if you seal the stones with epoxy resin.

Rashmi Katti

Rashmi Katti (USA)


I am painting rocks since couple of years. I use Medium tip markers for bigger areas while fine tip pens for adding details. Artistro paint pens are mess free and user friendly. Even my 7 yo uses it with confidence and precision.

STEP 4. Join the Tribe

We invite you to join our Facebook private group with dedicated experienced rock painters from the Artistro team and other rock painters like you from all over the world. It is a place where you can ask for help, support, inspiration, or provide feedback on our products.

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STEP 5. Give life to your creation

There are many ways you can use your painted rocks

Play hide and seek

Play hide and seek

It is a popular local game at the most cities. Try to find them on the FB. Or you can play this game among your family.

Join the Kindness Rocks Project

Join the Kindness Rocks Project

It is a movement started by Megan Murphy. To participate, write a kind message on the rock and then leave the rock in a public place.

Gift or sell your rock

Gift or sell your rock

Painted rock can be a great gift! You can also sell it on Etsy. Or create a tic-tac-toe game and play with friends or your kids.

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