Wood Slices Kit: 24 Natural Wooden Discs, 14 Acrylic Marker Pens, Black Paint, Craft Kit Supplies

Wood Slices Kit: 24 Natural Wooden Discs, 14 Acrylic Marker Pens, Black Paint, Craft Kit Supplies

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  • WHILE OTHER CRAFT KITS DISAPPOINT WITH low-quality art supplies, our Artistro Wood Slices Kit comes with famous high quality Artistro sets of 10 extra fine tip and 4 medium tip Acrylic paint pens that are NON-TOXIC, FAST-DRYING, and OPAQUE.

    ARTISTRO WOOD SLICES CRAFT KIT COMES WITH 24 NATURAL WOODEN SLICES that are PERFECT for Arts, Crafts, Weddings, Christmas Ornaments, DIY, wood burning. We ensure all of the wood circles for crafts are UNIQUE, ROUND, SMOOTH & made of REAL PINE. All holes on WOOD CIRCLES are pre-drilled for easy hanging with included natural color JUTE TWINE and RED RIBBON for a PERFECT rustic look.

    ART CRAFT KIT FOR KIDS & ADULTS Perfect for paint party. Includes FAST-DRYING MULTI-SURFACE black matte ACRYLIC PAINT for background coloring.

    UNIQUE ONLY TO ARTISTRO, WE offer a REAL HOW-TO BOOKLET (not an eBook), featuring EASY-TO-FOLLOW, STEP-BY-STEP tutorials for a ton of wood slices ornaments ideas including Christmas crafts wood slices designs you will love. Perfect for kids ages 6 & up and adults! The wood painting set arrives in a BEAUTIFUL GIFT BOX & is the perfect gift for kids and adults for the holidays! Perfect for arts and crafts for kids, holiday decorations and Christmas crafts.

    AT ARTISTRO, WE BELIEVE THERE IS AN ARTIST IN EVERYONE, AND it is our passion to bring out beauty, art, CREATIVITY & A SPIRIT OF PLAY IN EVERY ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS. We are a family business and a family of artists. We believe that through art one can REALIZE, EXPRESS & REVEAL HERSELF. If you do not love your craft supplies, REACH OUT TO US & WE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT.

  • Product FAQ

    How to activate markers?

    Artistro paint pens require a few steps to get them ready for use. Note: Artistro markers include instructions on the pens themselves, inside the box, and on the box of the markers too. Let’s start today’s marker tutorial! 

    ✔️ Step 1: Shake the marker well to ensure the paint is thoroughly mixed. Always shake the pen before using - especially if it wasn’t used for a while. 

    ✔️ Step 2: Remove the cap, use it to press slightly on the tip to let the air out. Start pumping the tip this way it activates the pen into the paint itself. As you press down the paint will make its way to the tip. Be patient! Once the tip is in color and you can draw a line without breaking up - it’s ready for use! 

    ✔️ Step 3: We strongly recommend you to test the ink on a piece of paper first before starting your project to ensure the ink runs smoothly.

    Adhere to recommendations and drawing + using paint markers will always be an easy and enjoyable process!

    What are the best surfaces to use your paint pens on?

    Artistro paint pens work on almost any surface: rocks, ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, vinyl, wood, fabric, canvas, paper,  pumpkins, leaves, denim and etc.

    How to store paint pens?

    Ideally Artistro Markers should be stored horizontally as this makes re-mixing the color inside the marker easier between uses. Avoid storing them vertically with the nib facing down as dense pigments will collect at the valve, making them susceptible to clogging and re-agitation more difficult.

    What are the sizes of the tips?

    The range of the tips varies: the extra-fine tip is 0.7mm-1mm, the fine tip is 1mm-2mm, the medium tip is 2mm-3 mm.

    How to fix the paint on fabric?

    How to paint on a T-shirt/fabric and make permanent marker design: 

    ✔️ Step 1: Wash to remove any shrinking. Even if the label on your fabric says "pre-shrunk," it would still be a good idea to wash it. 

    ✔️ Step 2: Place a piece of cardboard inside the fabric. It should be about the same size as the fabric. You can also use a folded up newspaper, an old magazine or catalog.

    ✔️ Step 3: After the paint is completely dry (at least 24 hours), you need to heat set it for permanency and washability.

    ✔️ Step 4: Most fabrics can be heat set using an iron on medium or high heat (without steam) for 3-5 minutes. Use a cotton piece of cloth between iron and T-Shirt/fabric.

    ✔️ Step 5: Wash the T-Shirt/fabric 3 days after applying paint (cold water, hand wash preferably). This will remove any potential shrinking and starch. It will make the paint stick to the shirt better.

    Use a spray sealant to seal sneakers and shoes. Let your design dry completely before applying.

    Can you wash the fabric with a painted design in a washing machine?

    We advise hand washing in cold water.

    How to cure paint on ceramic and glass?

    How to paint a mug with acrylic paint step by step: 

    ✔️ Step 1: Choose a workplace and cover it with a newspaper.

    ✔️ Step 2: Make a design on the ceramic mug with a pencil. You can customize the mug with the picture or with the quote. For dark surfaces choose gold, silver, or white colors. 

    ✔️ Step 3: After fully dry (at least 24 hours), place your project into a cold oven; Turn oven to 350 ̊F (180 ̊C);

    Set a timer for 1 hour; After one hour open the oven; Let the project cool down completely inside the oven.

    ✔️ Step 4: Hand-washing in warm water is the best option to wash the surface. We do not recommend using a dishwasher or a heavy-duty sponge.

    What’s the difference between acrylic and oil-based paint pens?

    The simplest answer will be the drying time difference. Water-based markers dry fast where oil is not. Also, oil-based markers dry permanently, where water-based dry only water-resistant, thus to make them permanent you have to seal or bake the project depending on the material.

    How to blend markers?

    For making the gradient you will need two paint pens in different colors, a paintbrush, and a cup with water. Paint the half of the surface with one color. Take one marker and squeeze out a little paint, then take a different color and also squeeze the paint. Blend it with the wet brush. You need to act quickly because the acrylic paint dries fast. Continue to paint till you get the final result. Artistro markers are based on acrylic ink, that's why they work well with water.

    How to remove marker from rocks and ceramic?

    Removing permanent marker from such surfaces as rocks and ceramics is easier than you think, use a solvent or nail polish remover and a cotton pad to get the marker off. 

    Enjoy this small trick and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Practice makes it perfect!

    How to clean nibs?

    To clean the tips of acrylic paint pens, you can run warm water for a minute to wash off any excess paint, or can use a piece of paper towel to clean. Rubbing alcohol can also be used to clean the tips of both the acrylic & oil-based nibs.

    Do markers have a smell?

    No, the markers are odor-free.

    Are these markers refillable?

    No, the markers are non-refillable.

    Are these paint pens waterproof?

    Yes, these paint pens are waterproof.

    Does paint wash off hands?

    Yes, the acrylic paint is water-based paint and comes off with water.

    Are these markers food safe?

    To claim markers food safe they should have FDA approval. Those markers have not been sent to FDA for this request. We do not recommend using markers in contact with food.

    Are the markers dishwasher safe?

    We do not recommend to put the project in the dishwasher, because of high water temperature. It might not be dishwasher safe. But it is water-resistant, when glass, porcelain, and ceramic projects are properly cured. Just use warm water to wash mugs or cups, it will be safe for design.

    How long should I wait for the rocks to dry before applying the sealant?

    Please, wait up to several hours until the paint is completely dry.

    Do the markers bleed through paper?

    It depends on how thin the paper is, and if the paint markers are acrylics or oil-based.

    The paint will not flow even after activating and priming. What to do?

    Possible Solution:

    A. You can try detaching tips and reattaching and tips and try to prime again. Pressing down on the tip in a pumping motion until there is a consistent flow of paint.

    B. You can place tips of pens under running warm water for a minute or 2 remove, wipe the water off and prime and use. Please note that 1 paint pen can activate quicker than another.

    What to do if the paint bleeds on a certain type of surface (wood/rock)?

    You can lightly seal the surface you are working on prior to starting a project, this will create a smooth enough surface and will limit the likeliness of the paint bleeding.  When working on rough surfaces, it’s best to go slow especially if you are using extra-fine tip paint pens.

    The marker seems watery, what to do?

    This could be caused by the pigment settling inside the pens and shaking alone will not help. You can try giving pens a few light taps on a hard surface to help break pigment up for it to be mixed in properly with the liquid agent in pens. At all times, there should be a ball inside each pen that is there to help with the mixing of the paint.  If that ball is not heard, then that paint pen is more or likely defective.

    The paint is not staying on the surface of ceramic/glass even after baking.

    You will need to increase the temperature of the oven and make sure that the paint has dried properly before placing it into the cold oven to bake.

    What sealant we can use on glass if baking is not an option?


    Mod Podge CS11201 Waterbase Sealer, Glue & Decoupage Finish, 8 oz, Gloss, 8 Fl Oz

    Krylon K01303007 Acrylic Spray Paint Crystal Clear in 11-Ounce Aerosol 

    Mod podge dishwasher safe sealant

    Can I use Acrylic Markers with oil paint?

    Providing the Acrylic Marker is fully dried, it can be used in thin layers underneath oil paint.

    Can I use your Acrylic Markers with my solvent-based spray paint?

    Yes, providing the spray paint is thoroughly dry, our Acrylic Markers can be used with solvent-based spray paint.

    Can I use your markers outside?

    Yes! Our Acrylic Markers are suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

    Is the paint microwave safe?


    How to resin rocks?

    Please let the design dry 24 hours prior to apply resin.

    Are your products non-toxic?

    All our products are nontoxic and are certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

    Do you test on animals?

    No, Artistro does not test on animals.

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    How do I return my product?
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    Return your item(s) to:

    Zz Top LLC

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    Artistro will cover the cost of shipping (items are returned via USPS).

    We will provide you with a USPS label and all you have to do is drop it off at any USPS location. Once the item is delivered, we will process the refund.

    Do you ship to P.O. Boxes, APO/FPO addresses or international addresses?

    Yes we do Ship to P.O. boxes as well as APO/FPO.

    For the international shipment please visit our page International Delivery and choose the Amazon store in your area, if not available simply follow the checkout process to find the shipping price to your place.

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    jennifer n.
    US US
    Lots of goodies in this kit

    This complete kit came with a lot of supplies! The three sheets of stencils have so many options and there are a lot of already smooth live edge wood slices to paint on with the hole already drilled in them. It came with a booklet that has instructions on how to use the paint, 14 paint markers and even step by step projects to try. The projects range from easy to more detailed. This is a great crafting kit to create cool art, even for those who say they can't draw! Would be great for a crafting party or for kids!

    Artistro Wood Slices Kit: 24 Natural Wooden Discs, 14 Acrylic Marker Pens, Black Paint, Craft Kit Supplies Review
    US US
    KAM Pyrography

    I absolutely LOVE this kit!! The paint pens are of great quality, and are super easy to use! They seem to hold up well, and have a very vibrant color on the wood slices! The wood itself is clean and easy to use. The slices are a great size and I love that they all have pre-drilled holes! There is a huge verify of designs in the stencils, and the little guide that comes with the kit has great step by step instructions! I would 100% recommend this kit!!

    Artistro Wood Slices Kit: 24 Natural Wooden Discs, 14 Acrylic Marker Pens, Black Paint, Craft Kit Supplies Review
    Meghan R.
    US US
    A great DIY kit for yourself and your kids!

    This box is extremely well stocked with everything you would need to make some pretty fun DIY Christmas ornaments. It took a bit of shaking to get the paint flowing, but once it was going, they worked super well on the wood rounds. There is a great number of wood rounds that are the perfect size to create all kinds of scenes and images. I used them right away with my kids - ages 6 and 3 - and they were both able to use the pens to design their own pictures, as well as use the provided step-by-step book to create some of the pieces this company has already worked out for you with pretty minimal help from me. I also combined some woodburning with the paint pens and the wood worked great for that as well. All-in-all I am super happy with this kit - both for the fun pieces I can create myself, as well as the awesome Christmas art activity to do with the kids

    Artistro Wood Slices Kit: 24 Natural Wooden Discs, 14 Acrylic Marker Pens, Black Paint, Craft Kit Supplies Review
    US US
    Everything you need in one spot!Love this ornament kit!

    I love this kit it has everything you need to make ornaments for yourself or gift to others for the holidays. Also great kit for kids to use to make holiday keepsake ornaments for memories! The paint pens markers included are the best there’s so many goodies inside

    Artistro Wood Slices Kit: 24 Natural Wooden Discs, 14 Acrylic Marker Pens, Black Paint, Craft Kit Supplies Review
    Yvonne L.
    United States United States
    Love these!

    perfect for everything.

    Ann H.
    United States United States
    So much fun!

    These pens are bring out the artist in me! I’ve made beautiful ornaments for all my family!

    Patricia F.
    Great product

    Really enjoy painting these wood discs, making Christmas ornaments for our tree. Your acyrilic paint has great coverage, better than other brands I have used. Your products are helping me get through this pandering.

    Amy H.
    US US
    Love these wood slices!

    These are perfect for ornaments! I love that they are really thin! I wish I could find these slim pieces not in a kit and cheaper to reorder!

    Laura J.
    US US
    Julia A.
    US US

    I want to apologize for the original review that I posted earlier today. I did receive the package, but thought it was not the correct one. IT IS THE RIGHT ONE AND AGAIN I APOLOGIZE. THIS IS GREAT SHIPPER AND DID WONDERFUL JOB.