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Watercolor paints and their features

Watercolor paints and acrylics are water-soluble paints, however, there are fundamental differences between these types of paints. Artist’s watercolor paint will not produce the desired pattern on surfaces other than paper. The composition of the binder of artist watercolor is mainly organic glue, which must be diluted with water for work, and acrylic contains a dispersion of synthetic resin, which is initially suspended in water. But the differences do not end there either. Drying process of watercolor paints and acrylic is also fundamentally different. If the high quality watercolor paint dries by hardening the pigment with glue particles, then the acrylic dries by polymerization. For the same reason, the life of works made in watercolor is also different and somewhat shorter.

Watercolor painting set is quite budget-friendly and the watercolor paint price is another reason, why artist’s watercolor paint is one of the most popular materials for children's creativity. These are watercolor kits for beginners and professional watercolor set, which are most often used for classes at home, in kindergartens, and schools. Artist’s watercolor paint does not require the use of additional accessories. Watercolor paints are easy to apply to paper without lumps, streaks, or smudges. Working with good quality watercolor paints, you can make any number of edits to the picture. Due to its transparency property, artist’s watercolor paint allows to achieve quite varied and complex color transitions, much more than in any other painting technique. Paintings created using professional watercolor set are illuminated with a special light (note that we are not referring to fluorescent watercolor paints specifically here, but to any good quality watercolor paints or watercolor painting set.) After painting, the brushes are washed with water. Suitable surfaces for working with a watercolor painting set are paper, Whatman paper, painting paper, special watercolor paper.

How to choose a watercolor painting set for your studio?

The best quality watercolor paints from famous brands are very expensive, but you don't have to spend a huge amount of money to get good quality watercolor paints, because Artistro has already done this for you by creating Artistro watercolor paint set. Here we have collected the best art supplies in one professional watercolor set. You can choose either watercolor kits for adults or watercolor kits for beginners and buy them online at an attractive price, including our most popular fluorescent watercolor paints.

If you are in art school or just love to paint, you need good quality watercolor paints and professional watercolor set. Artists who are recognized and can make money selling their artworks can afford artist watercolor paints and incredibly expensive professional watercolor set to create their masterpieces. But you do not need to spend money on very expensive watercolor artist set and art supplies, as we are glad to offer you our special watercolor painting kits for every taste. We have created this unique collection of watercolor paints and watercolor painting kits specifically to please our customers with a profitable branded watercolor painting set at a discounted price.

Why is it important to buy a professional watercolor set even for a novice artist?

Focusing on the price of watercolor is a mistake made by all beginners, especially novice artists or students of art schools. At first, they tend to buy the cheapest artist’s watercolor paint, which in the end often turns out to be of poor quality. For example, a watercolor painting set does not include brushes, insufficient pigmentation of watercolor paints, water drips off bad paper and is not absorbed into it the first time. You have to apply watercolor paints several times in the same place and wipe off the drops. As a result, the paper rolls off, and several layers of artist watercolor paints turn into dirt.

Non-professional watercolor kits for beginners have unnatural colors because they use synthetic pigments instead of natural ones. These watercolor painting kits are not suitable for professional artists. And if there is a cheap brush in the watercolor painting set, it will lose bristles. And there is another nuance when painting with artist’s watercolor paint: when you dip a thin brush in water, the tip should sharpen. If the brush remains round, it is bad, it will not be able to create details with watercolor paints.

Art students and aspiring artists often save on diluents for oil or watercolor paints, using the cheapest option. But in this case, any paints, even the best artist watercolor paints, dry for a long time, and the work can be smeared due to accidental touch. In addition, it will not be possible to apply a second layer of watercolor paints: it will mix with the first. To make the artists watercolor paint dry faster, you need to add evaporating diluents to the paint. Very quickly, such a myth is dispelled, and a person realizes that it is worth buying only high-quality artist’s watercolor paint and watercolor painting set: since it is difficult for an inexperienced artist to work with bad materials.