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wood slices-wood slices art-wood slices for crafts-wood slice art-crafts with wood slices-painting on wood slices
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best pens for painting rocks   rocks supplies   supplies for rock painting   beginner painting supplies   paint supplies for beginners    art supplies for beginners
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replacement for craft artist 2-craft artist tutorials-the artist bundle-bundle craft
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wood  & markers for crafts-markers for wood crafts-paint markers for wood-wood paint pen-pens for wood-wood paint marker-wood craft pens-paint marker for wood -wood paint markers-paint pens for wood crafts
30 Fine paint markers for wood + 50 Wood Slices (only US)
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big rocks for sale-the artist bundle-bundle craft
30 Fine Tip Acrylic Paint Pens + 6 Big Rocks
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painting wood slice art-wood paint set-acrylic painting art set-painting wood carvings with acrylic paint-
15 Acrylic Markers + Acrylic Paint Set + 25 Wood Slices
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I love the colors, I love the opacity of Artistro extra-fine tipped paint pens and I really like the tip on them and they have different sizes if you want to work on a bigger piece... overall a big fan

Becca Courtice @thehappyevercrafter