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I love the colors, I love the opacity of Artistro extra-fine tipped paint pens and I really like the tip on them and they have different sizes if you want to work on a bigger piece... overall a big fan

Becca Courtice @thehappyevercrafter

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Ideal for drawing on rocks, wood, canvas, ceramics and more.

Revolutionary brush tip markers and their benefits

Since the first markers based on the Japanese technology of free flow of ink from a reservoir to a porous tip appeared in 1960, markers have evolved and gained great popularity all over the world. Surprisingly, the very idea of using such technology in a writing instrument originated in ancient Egypt. The scribes of ancient Egypt used reeds impregnated with special ink and placed in bamboo or copper tubes as a rod.

Which marker is needed for a particular process? Indeed, today markers amaze with their diversity and variations in application. This is especially true for markers with brush tip, which are a relatively new tool. Brush tip marker is a modern tool for calligraphy and creativity. Brush markers mainly use water-based pigment inks, but there may be other bases. After drying, these brush pen markers become even more saturated and bright, like acrylic paints. Manufacturers have also created neon and metallic brush paint pens. These iridescent ink colors look especially bright and expressive on dark or black paper.

Before the advent of brush tip markers, which are a relatively new invention, marker nibs such as round or bullet ones were often used. Unlike the brush tip marker, the most common and versatile type is the oval tip marker. Such a tip, although less flexible than a brush marker pen, is used in all felt-tip pens: children's, office, art, and industrial.

Why are brush tip markers special? The tip sizes of all markers differ in thickness and shape. As a rule, the most careful choice of markers is made by users in the art areas, who will undoubtedly appreciate the merits of brush tip marker sets. With brush nib markers, they reproduce the effect of an art brush. This brush marker makes it easy to blend colors and create soft undertones.

Characteristics of brush tip markers and their features

Characteristics of the color palette of brush markers. The way acrylic brush paint pens work is similar to acrylic paints, but have a slightly smaller color spectrum compared to alcohol and water (watercolor) markers with brush tip. Colors are dense and opaque. On fresh paint, before it dries, you can create transitions, mix colors with a special water brush marker, which is included in the set. Once dry, these brush pen markers create a durable, water-resistant film. The main difference between acrylic paint brush markers is the ability to apply an image to almost any surface. That is why acrylic brush pens & set are most widely used for outdoor decorative work, in particular for creating graffiti.

The palette of brush marker set includes many colors, from pastels to the brightest ones, as well as a marker blender or a special water brush for a soft transition of color. This allows you to create a number of unique visual effects using brush marker pens: blending colors, adding watercolor effects, changing the saturation of colors in a painting, and much more.

Marker brush pens have the following specifications:

  • a brush tip marker is waterproof and does not wash off with water (except for watercolor brush marker pen);

  • a brush marker is used for drawing details, painting, mixing colors, the thickness of the line varies according to your desire;

  • a thick, wide stroke of the brush tip marker is used for painting large surfaces and drawing wide lines, the line thickness is increased to the middle line;

  • colors of best brush tip markers can be superimposed on each other and mixed, while obtaining new shades; the ink dissolves perfectly in water;

  • a brush tip marker does not dry out when the lids are tightly closed, restore functionality after a simple priming procedure.

  • Brush tip markers are equipped with a Japanese durable and flexible nylon tip. The nib of a brush marker pen is exceptionally durable and easily reacts to changes in pressure and direction of movement. A paint brush marker evenly applies ink at different pressing force, ensuring an even color of the drawing. The tip of the brush marker pen is made of high quality nylon, which allows you to draw very thin lines and create wide strokes, which is often necessary for painting large surfaces. This makes brush tip markers great for drawing, calligraphy, and lettering.

    Water soluble brush markers allow you to paint in watercolor technique. Liquid ink technology allows you to use the paint 100%, do not change the color intensity and control the flow of paint to the brush. The unique ink supply system makes the brush marker an economical model, and a special reservoir allows you to control the level of remaining ink visually. You have an absolute visual control of the ink level of your brush tip marker sets. The ink blends perfectly, creating new shades and tonal transitions. Brush tip markers can be used in many art forms such as painting, illustration, graffiti and more.