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Top 6 Fun Things to Do in the Fall - Artistro Inspiring Autumn Checklist

29 September, 2020 |

Spend this autumn with pleasure. Artistro activities to do in the fall.

Mastering Wood Burning Art: 10 Essential Questions for Artists

25 September, 2020 |

Why Autumn is the Best Season to Get Inspired

24 September, 2020 |

Do you like autumn? Artistro will show you the beauty of autumn. Create with Artistro markers you will understand why autumn is the best season.


Ornamental Rock Painting: Mandala Painting Tutorial

22 September, 2020 |

Mandala drawing is like an art therapy. Mandalas are great tools for meditation and increasing self-awareness. Try this rock painting DIY to relax after a hard day! 

How to Paint a T-shirt: Basic Rules and Tips for Creating a Unique Design

21 September, 2020 |

Give new life to your white or old T-shirt. Follow to three easy steps and get amazing T-shirt painting design in your wardrobe.

Debunking Drawing Myths

17 September, 2020 |

Your dream is start drawing but you are afraid. Everyone says that you are too old or art is useless. Сan anyone learn to paint? Yes. And Artistro will show it.

The Best Phone Case Painting Ideas: 3 Unique Designs from Artistro

10 September, 2020 |

Change and customize your ordinary phone case into amazing thing. We prepare for you some creative ideas to craft with Artistro markers.

How to Start Drawing for Beginners: Basic Positions to Hold a Pencil

08 September, 2020 |

One of basic foundation of drawing. How to hold your pencil. Read our useful beginner drawing prompts and start to create your art works.

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