16 outline marker pens
benefits even flow quick dry highly pigmented silver & gold version for each color
16 outline markers has awesome colors gold and silver
ideal for writing on cards
product perfect gift for kids
video about 16 outline marker pens

outline markers – set of 16 outline marker pens

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16 metallic outline markers + 5 cards

Variation of favorite colors in gold and silver. Enjoy your favorite outline marker colors in two variations: the color palette of outline marker pens in gold and the color palette of outlining markers in silver. The outline marker set includes 8 assorted colors with a gold base and 8 outline markers of the same color but with a silver base. Get the ultimate artist experience with these unique metallic outline markers!

Perfect for greeting cards and lettering. If you're looking for the right set of metallic outline markers to create vibrant greeting cards and sparkly lettering, then our outline marker set is exactly what you've been looking for. In the kit you will receive 5 bonus greeting cards that you can color with our wonderful outline markers immediately.

Unique two-line outline marker ink. We guarantee even flow, highly pigmented ink, and overlapping effect of our outline markers. The special design of the outline marker tip allows you to produce a framing ring of the desired color around a shiny base of glowing ink with each press of the outline markers. Enjoy unique double line drawings and overlapping effect with our metallic outline markers.

The best choice for kids. This set of brilliant outline markers is sure to win your kids' favor. They will love the sparkly effect, the unusual combination of two colors, interesting cards and coloring pages with our outline marker pens. Also, you can confidently use this festival set of outline markers as a gift for your companions and friends.

Colors included: metallic outline markers