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Let's get acquainted closer!

I am Ellie Grin and here I’ve talked briefly about what I do.

Art has attracted me since my childhood. Until today, I managed to try out a lot of things associated with drawing and decorating decorative details. it was the drawing of fabrics, products from polymer clay.

But this cannot be compared with decorating glass products. Absolutely everything can be made bright and unique, adding to it a little saturated colors and a special meaning. Personalized glassware is especially popular because it is so nice to receive dishes with your name or with warm words for your heart!

The project called "do it yourself" really allows a person to plunge into creativity. So it was with me.

Inspiration is a very important thing, but it must be initially in the soul of the artist, and then already in the surrounding world. Each artist should have its own peculiarity, which will catch the attention of the audience.


One fine moment, while working on orders, I realized that I lacked quality and affordable materials for drawing. This inspired me to write an online blog and provide art materials to artists around the world.

Art work: Frida Kahlo Portrait on Glass by Ellie Grin


ARTISTRO, paint markers review

Our markers are non-toxic, they dry quickly enough on any surface, they are intended for ceramics and porcelain and do not fade with time.
Moreover, Artistro is our family company. My husband and I are always on the same wavelength and support each other. We believe that each person can reveal himself to the fullest and realize his best qualities through the hobby for the benefit of people. With the help of colored markers, we express ourselves and help professionals create masterpieces.