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Advantages of Acrylic Paint Pens

There are many types of markers these days, and it is very difficult for a beginner artist to make a choice. Markers are no longer narrow-end tools, and today the range of their application is huge. Basically, this tool is a plastic case containing ink and a colored rod made of porous fibers or a plastic flask filled with a specific type of ink. Marker inks can be based on alcohol, water, acrylic, or chalk. Each composition is better suited for a specific task.

Markers are different: office, art, child markers and others. Based on your preferences and financial wealth, you need to decide which markers are better to buy. However, it is important to understand that good art markers are a special tool for the artist, so you should not expect the same effect from standard cheap stationery markers, because the purpose and production of each of these markers is different.

Acrylic Paint Markers and Their Features

Acrylic markers perform an opaque and durable stroke. Their main advantage is the ability to paint on any surfaces, covering them with a thin but dense layer of paint. In addition, acrylic painting pens do not wash with water after drying. They can be a great substitute or addition to acrylic paints. In this case, you do not need to use brushes and palettes, since colors can be mixed directly on paper or canvas.

An acrylic marker consists of a body, an inner part (it looks like a dense sponge soaked in ink) and a nib (different types and thicknesses, quantities) with a lid. Note that some manufacturers offer double-sided markers or replacement nibs in different thicknesses. The most expensive parts of a marker are the nib and ink. It is these composite parts that are the lion's share of the price of the total cost of the acrylic paint markers.

When choosing good art markers, it is better to pre-read reviews; find ready-made artworks made with various materials on the Internet. It should be noted that the color of the stroke changes slightly as the ink dries. In some cases, this can be noticeable, so pay special attention to choosing a complete palette.

Helpful Tips for Choosing Acrylic Painting Pens

Good acrylic markers from different manufacturers should go well with each other: mix on paper, be approximately the same in ink quality and performance under equal conditions. There are several important aspects to consider when choosing acrylic paint marker pens:

  1. The most active part of the marker is the tip. They are different in shape, but regardless of the format and size, they should not collapse or shaggy, quickly fail. Also, the tip should not be too soft (this leads to loss of control) or too hard.
  2. An important point is the ability to replace the tip with a replaceable one if necessary.
  3. The larger the color palette, the more opportunities it gives for artistic ideas. Since we all have our own preferences for our favorite shades and color nuances, it is important to pay attention and choose the marker colors you need.
  4. Note that sometimes the desired shade can be obtained by superimposing several others in the picture, but for this you need to know very well all the possibilities of mixing your palette.
  5. It is worth focusing on how the marker ink reacts with other materials. For example: with a white gel pen and with liners. Does the marker ink react with the pen? Will the liner sketch smear with the marker? Do paint pens & acrylic work well together? The materials you have selected must be tested before use. Summarizing all of the above, you will come to an understanding of which acrylic paint markers best suit your needs.