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Wood slice painting with flowers | Artistro

We are continuing to share with you cool ideas for home crafts, and today we want to show you this amazing wood slice painting project with flowers. 

If you are interested in how to keep kids busy and make them paint wood slices rather than the walls, try to create this project with them :)

For this project you will only needan Artistro wood slices kit. Our kit comes with a high-quality set of 10 extra fine tip and 4 medium tip Acrylic paint pens that are NON-TOXIC, FAST-DRYING, and OPAQUE.

Let's get started!

Step 1. Prepare the wood slice. We ensure all of the wood circles for crafts are UNIQUE, ROUND, SMOOTH, & made of REAL PINE. 

Step 2. With a black paint pen, draw three arcs.

Step 3. Add some elements.

Step 4. Add leaves.

Step 5. Add the red, purple, pink colors to your drawing.

Step 6. Continue to fill the flowers with paint pens. Be careful and don't rush!

Step 7. Add green and yellow coloring to the leaves.


✅Done! Your perfect wood slice is ready! Share with us your results on social media with hashtag #StayHomewithArtistro.

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