product 48 watercolor brush pens
48 colors palette
high quality nylon brushes
realise your potential with different techniques: gradient, thick & thin lines, dry technique
included 2 water brushes color chart 5 pcs of watercolor paper
48 watercolor brush pens suitable for beginner and professional artists

Watercolor paint pens – set of 48 watercolor brush pens

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48 multicolor watercolor brush markers +2 water brush pens in set

Unique watercolor brush pen set. In addition to colorful watercolor paint pens, this set includes 2 water brushes, a color chart, and 5 sheets of thick watercolor paper for your comfortable creativity. You don't have to worry about buying extra art supplies as we have already collected them for you in this set of watercolor brush pens. Just enjoy our quality watercolor brush markers and their limitless color palette.

Realize your potential with various techniques. Our versatile watercolor paint brush pens are easy to use and allow you to work in a variety of techniques such as gradients, thick and thin lines, dry techniques and more. Explore new facets of creativity and artistic techniques with our handy and the best watercolor brush pens.

High quality watercolor brush pen tip. Each watercolor pen brush is equipped with a special nylon tip capable of creating a wide range of lines in 0.05-5mm thickness. Thus, the flexible tip of the watercolor paint pens gives you unprecedented flexibility as an art tool and allows you to create unique elements of paintings that are not available with standard tools that do not have the necessary flexibility, unlike our watercolor brush pens.

48 amazing colors of watercolor paint pens. The set of watercolor brush markers includes 48 versatile colored watercolor paint pens, including a rich palette of pink, blue, grey, yellow, green, and 3 additional neon colors. For your convenience, we have equipped all watercolor brush pens with color labels in vocabulary and numbered equivalents, so that you can always refer to the color chart of our watercolor brush pen set.

Safe, non-toxic, acid-free watercolor paint pens. As always, we maintain high manufacturing standards for all of our new products. When you buy these watercolor brush pens, you can be sure that you are getting a quality set of acid-free, non-toxic watercolor brush markers. This set is US and EU certified. With proper precautions, you can let your kids paint with Artistro best watercolor brush pens too.

Colors included: multicolor watercolor paint pens