product 5 black jumbo tip markers
jumbo tip has wide and thick lines
bold and durable jumbo tip
works on any surface: wood, ceramic, paper, murals
jumbo markers perfect for bold lines
video about 5 black jumbo tip

Jumbo tip markers – set of 5 black markers

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5 black jumbo paint markers

Special jumbo marker tip 2 in 1. Our jumbo markers take the art of graffiti to the next level. Try this special variable graffiti marker tip to create both thick and super wide lines of 15mm and 5mm respectively in the same project. Draw on walls, brickwork, posters, ceramics, murals and more with our graffiti paint markers

Deep black color. As you know, there is never too much black, and our tagging markers will confirm this axiom once again. Experience the incredibly rich and deep black color with this special set of tagging markers for impressive and bold works.

Number one for thick lines and filling-in. Save valuable time creating new projects rather than sorting through different types of graffiti supplies as you work. These two-position paint markers for graffiti save time and budget because you can use the same graffiti paint marker to create lines of different thicknesses. In addition, the super-wide graffiti marker tip allows you to fill much more space in seconds when working with fill projects.

Safe creativity. As always, when working with our graffiti markers, you can be sure that you are using high quality products. This set of markers for graffiti meets all safety standards and has the appropriate certificates.

Colors included: multicolor metal paint pen