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Easy guide 'How to draw' from Artistro!

We all could do with a helping hand every so often, don't we? 

Here you will find a series of drawing tips that cover a range of subjects from detailed 'how-to' and 'step-by-step' to more general advice and suggestions. These articles are being added to all the time so please visit from time to time to see what's new.

1. Cute girl with a dog 'step-by-step' drawing. Materials: paper and Artistro markers. 

 2. Adorable owl on a tree 'step-by-step' drawing. Materials: paper and Artistro markers. 

 3. Cactuses 'step-by-step' drawing. Materials: paper and Artistro markers. 

4. Flowers 'step-by-step' drawing. Materials: paper and Artistro markers. 

 5. Spring flower drawn step by step with Artistro paint pens 

6. Сute cat drawn step by step. Materials: paper and Artistro paint pens.

7. Step by step drawing with house plant. Materials: paper and Artistro paint pens

8. Baby Grout step by step tutorial. Materials: paper and Artistro paint pens.

9. Step by step tutorial with Sunflower. Materials: paper and Artistro paint pens.

If you try these 'step-by-step' techniques, please share with us by tagging your artworks with a hashtag #DrawWithArtistro on Instagram or Facebook! 😉

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