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67 easy step by step drawings & paintings for beginners

Easy step by step guide for beginners: simple marker drawings ideas & easy paintings for beginners! Artistro shares its ideas and tips for artists of all skill levels.
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How to draw step by step: Marker drawings & easy paintings for beginners

Table of Contents:

  • Watercolor easy paintings for beginners
  • Flowers and landscape easy paintings step by step
  • Creative drawing ideas for beginners
  • Animal simple marker drawings
  • Flower and plant easy drawings with markers
  • Tasty and easy ideas to draw and paint step by step
  • Funny and cute paint pen drawings for beginners

  • Enjoy our best collection of easy drawing ideas from Artistro editorial team! Here you will find simple drawing tips that cover a wide range of topics, from detailed instructions and step by step guides to more general tips and suggestions. To enjoy the most famous artworks in history once again and discover amazing anime drawing ideas, be sure to read these article later.

    Watercolor easy paintings for beginners

    Materials: watercolor paper and Artistro watercolor paint set.

    Elegant feather painting step by step tutorial

    1. Elegant feather painting

    See how this easy sketching task morphs into an almost professional watercolor painting in 4 easy steps! Warm and soft palette of lilac color gives the artwork a drop of special grace.

    Ladybug painting tutorial step by step tutorial

    2. Ladybug painting tutorial

    This simple sketch can be a great resource for your young naturalist. In addition, spending time together during watercolor lessons will help instill a useful hobby in your child.

    Juicy peach step by step painting tutorial

    3. Juicy peach step by step painting

    If you have enough of easy pen sketches, it's time to take you to the next level. It's time to buy a watercolor set and create a real still life with a fragrant peach, and our step-by-step tutorial for beginners is at your service.

    Ripe avocado fruit painting step by step tutorial

    4. Ripe avocado fruit painting

    Only a true expert can tell the difference between a truly ripe and juicy avocado. Just like a real connoisseur, with the help of a step by step guide, he is able to depict this fruit in a section in the smallest detail.

    Coconut cocktail painting step by step tutorial

    5. Coconut cocktail painting tutorial

    Experience true heavenly delight and useful drawing tips with our easy step by step guide! This painting will create a tropical mood for you at any time of the year.

    Pomegranate painting step by step tutorial

    6. Pomegranate painting step by step

    Only the sunny watercolor palette of warm tones is able to reflect all the greatness of this powerful fruit. Just like our step by step tutorial, created by the hands of a professional watercolor artist.

    Hot chocolate with marshmallows painting step by step tutorial

    7. Hot chocolate with marshmallows painting

    If you are a sweet tooth or coffee lover, then appreciate this easy drawing idea for beginners. How long does it usually take you to make your favorite cocoa? We know the recipe for how you can get a fragrant cup of your favorite drink in watercolor tones in 5 steps!

    Chocolate cupcake painting step by step tutorial

    8. Chocolate cupcake painting tutorial

    A delicious cupcake with generous chocolate sprinkles is the perfect way to cheer yourself up and dive into the magical world of watercolor painting. See for yourself!

    Donut Valentine's Day card painting step by step tutorial

    9. Donut Valentine's Day card painting

    While not everyone believes that the path to the heart of a loved one leads through the stomach, let us prove the opposite with this cute painting that can showcase not only your artistic talent, but also your deep feelings.

    Sweet popsicle painting step by step tutorial

    10. Sweet popsicle painting step by step

    The brightest children's nostalgia and one of the first long hoped-for easy things to paint for beginners. Now you can create without boundaries: mix sweet tastes and watercolors, make your sweetest childhood dream come true!

    Magic peacock feather painting step by step tutorial

    11. Magic peacock feather painting

    The exquisite peacock feather is one of the most mesmerizing yet easy paintings to draw. Such smooth lines and simple gradation of soft colors can be mastered even by beginners.

    Flowers and landscape easy paintings step by step

    Materials: watercolor paper and Artistro portable watercolor paint set.

    Succulent flower painting step by step tutorial

    12. Succulent flower painting

    Just as a real gardener is able to achieve flowering of this whimsical plant, so only a real artist can reveal all the tenderness of this long-awaited flower in a soft watercolor palette.

    Yellow daffodil painting tutorial step by step

    13. Yellow daffodil painting tutorial

    These unpretentious, but sweet-looking flowers are perfect for both: novice gardeners and artists. The gracefulness of simple flowing lines and the combination of five basic colors will help create a beautiful bouquet to cheer you up. We got the idea for such a painting from Anna Koliadych.

    Blood red orchid painting step by step tutorial

    14. Blood red orchid painting

    The orchid is one of the most demanding but graceful flowers. As in real life, it needs special care, so in painting it expects a special approach. However, the amazing final result will not leave you indifferent for sure. We were inspired to create this beautiful bouquet by Anna's art, which you can find on her Instagram @dearannart.

    Blooming peony painting step by step tutorial

    15. Blooming peony painting step by step

    If the orchid is too sophisticated and whimsical for you, then the peony is exactly what you need. This flower is quite lush and voluminous, but at the same time easy to depict and hone your skills. Our artist used the art by Anna Koliadych for inspiration.

    Tree portrait painting step by step tutorial

    16. Tree portrait painting step by step

    Start learning the art of watercolor painting with easy sketches for beginners like this one, the idea of which we found on Anna's Instagram @dearannart. First, use a lead pencil to sketch, and then add layers of watercolor paint in stages, as shown in the image above.

    Raging ninth wave painting  step by step tutorial

    17. Raging ninth wave painting tutorial

    Although depicting water is truly one of the most difficult to paint, we will help you master the process with ease and pleasure. Harness the indomitable power of the watercolor ocean with our step by step guide.

    Autumn landscape painting step by step tutorial

    18. Autumn landscape painting

    Now is the time to practice creating simple autumn landscapes. A warm yellow-brown palette is perfect to express the magical charm of this melancholic yet majestic season.

    Creative drawing ideas for beginners

    Materials: watercolor paper and Artistro watercolor box.

    Mandala painting tutorial step by step tutorial

    19. Mandala painting tutorial

    Despite its apparent visual complexity, a mandala drawing is a very simple artwork with a simple structure; one of those easy ideas to draw with markers. In addition, as you paint, you can immerse yourself in healing meditation.

    Christmas deer painting step by step tutorial

    20. Christmas deer painting

    Prepare for Christmas in advance by hone your painting skill of this impeccable festival deer! Such a cute postcard will surely delight all your friends and loved ones.

    Tropical hummingbird painting step by step tutorial

    21. Tropical hummingbird painting

    If you also admire the exotic beauty of a tropical paradise, we will help you capture its impressive pearls. Let's start with a picture of a tiny hummingbird bird, a stunning inhabitant of this region.

    Cute squirrel painting step by step tutorial

    22. Cute squirrel painting tutorial

    Organize a real live zoo at home! All you need to do is stock up on watercolor paper with paints and our simple tutorial. Now you can hand feed a cute squirrel without leaving your home.

    Sea turtle painting step by step tutorial

    23. Sea turtle painting step by step

    Would you like to ride a sea turtle or enjoy the pleasant sea breeze? Feel free to explore the underwater world from the comfort of your home with our easy step-by-step tutorial and Artistro watercolor set!

    Animal simple marker drawings

    Materials: paper and Artistro marker pens.

    step by step drawing

    24. Lovely ladybug drawing step by step

    Thinking about what to draw with markers, be sure to try to draw this cute ladybug, because it combines two of your best features: romantic and natural!

    step by step drawing bear

    25. Teddy bear drawing tutorial

    When it comes to cute plush toy, not marker drawings, an easy way to get a couple of these is to create them yourself, not with thread or fabric, but with markers!

    step bys tep drawing crab

    26. Crab drawing step by step

    Looking at this drawing, you are unlikely to find a simpler drawing with markers for beginner's training. If underwater fishing and diving are not for you, then you can always catch a couple of crabs with a simple pen drawing!

    step by step drawing cat

    27. Lovely kitty drawing step by step

    Thinking about cute ideas to draw with markers, sketch of a cat will surely come to your mind as one of the first options. Then stock up on high-quality markers and a blank notebook, because we have more than just one guide for drawing a cat!

    step by step drawing Cute corgi

    28. Cute corgi drawing tutorial

    From the list of ideas to draw with markers easy, this option will cheer you up the most. Add your own fun corgi poses and faces to our list!

    step by step drawing easter bunny

    29. Easter rabbit step by step tutorial

    It's time to hone your Easter egg painting skills, and none other than the Easter Bunny will help you with this! Try this easy drawing with a pen or marker and see how easy it is to create such wonderful festival decor.

    step by step darwing lama

    30. Stylish lama drawing

    Style is an important component of your image and an integral part of your daily life. Even pets and animals want to be on trend, so practice creating your own designer collection with this Stylish lama easy drawing step by step.

    step by step drawing sloth

    31. Still life with a sloth drawing step by step

    If you want to practice creating still lifes, start with a life that is truly still. Here we offer paint marker drawings of a sloth that will undoubtedly help you with this.

    step by step drawing pig

    32. Lovely piggy drawing tutorial

    Although some people underestimate an animal such as a pig due to various stereotypes, with the help of this easy drawing step by step we want to convince you that this animal can be very cute with proper care.

    fox painting

    33. Smart fox drawing step by step

    What to draw with markers to get smarter? Get inspiration and natural life wisdom from one of the most cunning animals on the planet. This cute and smart fox will share its secrets with you!

    step by step drawing butterfly

    34. Beautiful butterfly drawing tutorial

    Enjoy the beauty of the world around you and these delightful yet easy marker drawing ideas. We will teach you how to create a stunning greenhouse of exquisite butterflies in a few simple steps.

    Royal corgi step by step drawing bear

    35. Royal corgi doodle drawing

    This collection of marker drawings will help you not only learn how to draw a cute corgi, but also practice drawing various poses, improving your skills in creating 3D objects in the future.

    step by step drawing canary bird

    36. Singing canary sketch step by step

    Create a wonderful spring mood by enjoying the singing of the sweet-voiced canary. With our simple tutorial, you can organize such a concert at any time with your own hands.

    step by step drawing canary bird

    37. Red panda drawing tutorial

    Add some exoticism to your weekday while enjoying the company of a red panda. This rare animal is quite difficult to find in wildlife, but with this simple step-by-step tutorial, this is no longer a hindrance to you.

    step by step drawing owl

    38. Adorable owl on the tree drawing

    The killer charm of this night bird is capable of captivating anyone. Demonstrate that even nocturnal predators can be cute with the right skill of the author.

    step by step drawing bear

    39. Bear family step by step drawing

    What kind of bear is your favorite - white, brown, or panda? If you can't decide why not create cute marker drawings of all these wonderful teddy bears at the same time!

    step by step drawing bear

    40. Powerful butterflies sketch step by step

    The grace and power of butterflies is so great that it is impossible to take your eyes off them. That is why butterflies become objects of art so often. This simple tutorial will help even a novice artist depict a gorgeous butterfly.

    Flower and plant easy drawings with markers

    Materials: paper and Artistro paint pens

    paint tutorial flowers

    41. Pretty peony drawing step by step

    Feel like a real professional gardener by growing a beautiful peony with your own hands in 6 easy steps using art supplies at hand!

    step by step darwing cactus

    42. Cactus family drawing

    If you want to try your hand at being a breeder gardener, start with small steps: create your own little cactus alley using markers!

    step by step drawing Blooming rosehip flowers

    43. Blooming rosehip drawing step by step

    If you're looking for a way to portray the laid-back beauty of a natural rose in the wild, this rosehip tutorial is just what you need.

    step by step drawing plants

    44. Arboretum of house plants drawing

    From the list of easy ideas to draw with markers, this collection of elementary houseplants will be the easiest option. Even a small child can cope with such a selection of drawings.

    step by step drawing sunflower

    45. Charming sunflower drawing tutorial

    This symbol of the sun in the form of a blooming flower will help you keep warm even on a rainy day. Pick the brightest and sunniest palette to color it in.

    step by step drawing rose

    46. Beautiful rosebud drawing step by step

    The most popular and most romantic flower will be the perfect complement to your blooming collection. Try creating a rose in custom colors to train your imagination.

    step by step drawing flowers

    47. Garden flowers drawing tutorial

    The beautiful and simple paint pen drawing ideas suggested above will be appreciated by lovers of simple garden flowers. Also, this is a great basic collection to help your child learn to draw.

    Step by Step poppies

    48. Poppy field drawing

    Enjoy the spiritual relaxation in the endless expanses of flowering meadows with our guide, created especially for lovers of out-of-town rest and the natural beauty of wildflowers.

    step by step drawing Succulent

    49. Succulent family drawing tutorial

    Drawing with markers can be just as fun as drawing with professional paints. See for yourself with this Succulent step by step guide and colorful acrylic markers!

    Tasty and easy ideas to draw and paint step by step

    Materials: paper and Artistro paint markers

    step by step drawing plum

    50. Sweet apricot drawing tutorial

    A juicy and ruddy apricot is a great way not only to train your artistic skills, but also engage in a healthy diet.

    step by step drawing sweet cake

    51. Sweets collection drawing

    We offer this collection of sweet treats to those who do not need diets and strict nutrition. Treat yourself to sweets from the heart with Artistro with no limits!

    step by step drawing donut

    52. Yummy donut drawing step by step

    Meet the tastiest and most beautiful calories in your artistic career! Follow these easy 6 steps and enjoy a flavored frosting donut.

    step by step drawing lemon

    53. Still life with lemon step by step

    This tutorial is more suitable for those who like sour than sweet. A simple lemon shape, minimal shadows and easy instructions on how to create chiaroscuro will help you learn the basics of the still life art.

    step by step drawing sushi

    54. Royal sushi set drawing

    We have prepared this unique mega sushi set especially for connoisseurs of Eastern art and lifestyle. This is a great chance to hone your artist skills and dive into the enchanting atmosphere of the mysterious East.

    step by step drawing tea

    55. Ice boba tea drawing tutorial

    When looking for сreative drawing ideas for beginners, be sure to check out this extraordinary super-energetic tea. This is an unusual, original, and very stylish option for drawing with a marker!

    Funny and cute paint pen drawings for beginners

    Materials: paper and Artistro paint pens

    step by step drawing Mighty Yoda

    56. Mighty Yoda drawing tutorial

    Start your Jedi path from the true Padawan creed, start your training by mastering the Force! Explore the power of the art and mastery of step by step swordsmanship with this easy Master Yoda guide.

    step by step Power Wally drawing

    57. Power Wally drawing step by step

    Start your robotics journey today by mastering the step by step diagram of an intelligent robot. Wally and our simple guide will help you master it quickly and easily!

    step by step drawing wazowski

    58. Mike Wazowski drawing tutorial

    Today you have a unique opportunity to make your dreams come true. You may not be able to become an astronaut, but you can personally claim the existence of intelligent alien life with Mike Wachowski!

    step by step drawing girl

    59. Cute girl with a dog drawing

    This wonderful drawing, embodying the real friendship between human and animal, will surely please all dog lovers and little children. Well, if you are a cat lover, just draw a cute kitten next to the girl.

    step by step drawing grout

    60. Baby Grout drawing guide

    If you still don't have enough skills to start a real comic, our step by step guide is here to help! Start your journey as a popular comic book writer with this cute baby Groot.

    step by step Three-eyed dragon drawing

    61. Three-eyed dragon drawing

    Unleash your imagination: no limits, draw dragons and gifons together with Artistro! We suggest starting a lesson in modern fantasy mythology with a drawing of this friendly three-eyed dragon.

    step by step Philosophy of water drawing tutorial

    62. Philosophy of water drawing tutorial

    If philosophy is difficult for you, we are pleased to offer an illustrative optimized example of all the main philosophical trends of our time. Make sure with your own eyes that the artist's philosophy is the most correct!

    step by step drawing books

    63. Magic bookshelf doodle drawing tutorial

    It's time to clean up your bookshelf. Here's a recipe for how to do it quickly and efficiently, and with minimal effort. Just follow our tips for creating book doodles!

    step by step drawing The crystal saga drawing

    64. The crystal saga drawing

    No matter how complex the physical process of crystallization would be, we know how to decompose it into simple stages. Now in 9 easy steps you can create your own crystal saga of varying degrees of difficulty and gradient!

    step by step drawing car

    65. Car step by step drawing guide

    If the weather isn't good for your country trip, don't worry. You can always enjoy the road movie in your own performance, just using the markers and our simple guide.

    step by step drawing doodle

    66. Simple doodle drawings

    If you're looking for basic icon ideas for your bullet journal or notepad, these simple doodles are just what you need. Choose the ideas that fit your needs the best, or add your own ideas to the list.

    When you try these easy step by step drawing techniques, feel free to share your artworks with us by tagging your projects with a hashtag #DrawWithArtistro on Instagram or Facebook! Don't forget to learn over 100 easy things to draw and discover 100+ new rock painting ideas with Artistro! And be sure to check out our painting on stones step by step guide later.