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How to Choose a Professional Art Set?

The best art supplies from famous brands are very expensive, but you don't have to spend a huge amount of money to get quality drawing materials, because Artistro has already done this for you by creating the artist bundle collection. Here we have collected the best art supplies you can buy online at an attractive price, including our most popular marker sets, canvas, acrylic kits, wood slices, painting stone packs, and more.

If you are in art school or just love to draw, you need quality art supplies. Artists who are recognized and can make money selling their artworks can afford incredibly expensive materials to create their masterpieces. But you do not need to spend money on very expensive materials, as we are glad to offer you our special bundles for every taste. We have created this unique collection specifically to please our customers with a profitable branded package at a discounted price.

Artistro offers an amazing assortment of art supply bundles for artists and creative enthusiasts

A selection of compact bundles for rock artists of varying degrees of professionalism and skill, from enthusiasts to professional rock painters:

  • The Basic Rock painter bundle
  • Beginner Rock painter bundle
  • Professional Rock painter bundle
  • Rock painter enthusiast bundle

Special bundles with a set of acrylic paints and canvases of different colors and sizes:

  • The basic painting bundle
  • The basic painting bundle with black canvas
  • The Basic painting mini bundle

Awesome bundles for craftsmen and wood masters, including pre-made slices and additional supplies:

  • The perfect wood slice painting bundle
  • Essential Wood master bundle

Multifunctional bundles for multidisciplinary crafters and creative enthusiasts who are ready to experiment on any surface:

  • Artist of all trades complete bundle
  • The Basic craft artist bundle
  • The Complete craft artist bundle