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black and white markers-black and white marker-black and white marker art-black and white marker art-black and white acrylic painting-marker art black
5 Extra Fine Black and 5 White Markers
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artistro acrylic paint pens-artistro pen-artistro paint pen-artistro paint pens
42 Extra Fine + 30 Medium Tip Acrylic Markers Bundle
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metallic glitter markers-fine tip metallic marker-fine tip metallic markers-metal paint pens-gliter marker-metallic markers art-gold glitter markers-glitter acrylic paint-metallic glitter-fine point metallic pen-fine tip metallic marker-glitter painting
12 Extra Fine metallic + 12 glitter markers
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non toxic pen-non toxic paint pens-non toxic paint pen-non toxic paint marker-non toxic markers-nontoxic markers-non toxic pen what pens are non toxic-non toxic pens
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rock painting kit-rock painting kit for adults-rock painting kits for adults-rock painting kits-rock painting set-rock painting supplies-stone painting kit-rock art kits-rock painting for kids-kindness rock kits
Rock Painting Kit
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special markers-colors markers-colouring marker pens-fine color markers-fine colour marker-fine color markers-colour markers-fine colour markers-fine life acrylic paint markers-fine tip markers for drawing-fine tip coloring markers
12 Extra fine color markers + 15 Special Colors
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artistro paint pen-artistro paint pens price in india-24 markers-the artist bundle-bundle craft
12 Extra Fine Tip + 12 Medium Tip Acrylic Markers Bundle
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42 Extra Fine + 12 Medium Artistro markers
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how to add glitter to acrylic paint-the artist bundle-bundle craft
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paint pen pack-cheap paint pens-big pack of markers-cheap markers-cheap paint markers-big paint markers-big paint marker-cheap marker-how much are paint markers-markers cheap
60 Acrylic + 15 Oil Based paint pen pack
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multicolor paint-pens multicolor-the artist bundle-bundle craft
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black and white marker-black and white markers-acrylic black and white painting-black marker art
12 medium black and 12 white markers
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colored markers fine tip-extra fine marker-fine point colored markers-fine tip markers
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color marking pens   color pen marker   colored markers    colour marker pens coloring marker pens colouring marker pens paint marker brands colour marker set marker pen colour special pens
12 Medium + 15 Extra Fine colored markers
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water marker pen-professional pens-the artist bundle-bundle craft
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paint pens for metal- metal paint pen-metal paint marker pen-metal marker pen-metal marker pens-paint pen for metal-ultra fine metallic marker-metal marker pen
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color marker pen-multi color marker-colour marker pens-colour marker pen-colored art pens-multi colored markers-multicolored pens-colored marker pens-multicolored pen-colored marker-colored marker-marker color pen-multicolored pen
27 Acrylic Extra Fine + 15 Oil Fine colored art pens
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best pens for painting rocks   rocks supplies   supplies for rock painting   beginner painting supplies   paint supplies for beginners    art supplies for beginners
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multi color markers-markers for-colored marker-gold marker
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12 Extra Fine + 12 Medium + 15 Oil Fine art marker pens
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black art pen-black acrylic markers-black art markers-black art pens-medium black acrylic-black tip acrylic-acrylic black pen-black tip acrylic-black acrylic painting
5 Extra Fine + 12 Medium Tip black art markers
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oil based craft paints-oil based glass paint-craft pens-crafty pens
15 Acrylic + 15 Oil Based Paint Pens Bundle
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30 Medium Tip + 6 Gold & Silver Extra Fine Tip Acrylic Markers Bundle
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paint bundles-universal bundle-universal bundle and save
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oil based silver paint-silver oil based paint-gold and silver paint-silver oil paint-gold oil paint-silver oil
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replacement for craft artist 2-craft artist tutorials-the artist bundle-bundle craft
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wood  & markers for crafts-markers for wood crafts-paint markers for wood-wood paint pen-pens for wood-wood paint marker-wood craft pens-paint marker for wood -wood paint markers-paint pens for wood crafts
30 Fine paint markers for wood + 50 Wood Slices (only US)
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multicolor pens-multicolor marker-white acrylic pens
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fine black glitter-creative glitter drawing-bundle up kids-glitter for kids
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best white markers-best art markers-white wood pen-best wood markers
12 Multicolor Extra Fine + 12 best white markers (medium)
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professional markers-professional marker set- professional markers for artists-professional markers for drawing
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We offer different types of bundles : for rock painters, for crafters, for illustrators... and more! Each bundle product comes with a reduced price, so you can save up to 30% of the standard price. Worth it right?

Art supply bundle & craft bundle: types and purpose

Art supply bundle is a special category of products designed to help children develop their imagination and creativity, and help adults to relax and have a good time. By purchasing an art supply bundle or a craft bundle for creativity, you provide yourself and your children with an interesting weekend. For someone, an art bundle can be a step towards a new hobby.

An art supply bundle is a ready-made kit that usually includes the following materials:

  • basics;

  • material;

  • instructions;

  • tool;

  • stencils or sketches;

  • the final framing of the result.

  • The variety of art and craft bundles cover the following types of creative processes: painting (including stone painting and painting), handicrafts, modeling, and other forms of art. An art supply bundle for painting includes everything you need to paint. Painting - creating paintings, frescoes, engravings, stained-glass windows, painting on stone, wood, and ceramics. Creating artworks using an art supply bundle contributes to the development of color and visual perception, imagination, motor skills.

    Artistro offers an amazing range of craft bundles and paint bundles in our art supply bundle collection for artists and creative enthusiasts:

  • A selection of compact craft bundles for rock artists of varying degrees of professionalism and skill, from enthusiasts to professional rock painters.

  • Special paint bundles with a set of our best paints and canvases of different materials and sizes.

  • Awesome craft bundles for craftsmen and wood masters, including pre-made slices and additional supplies.

  • Multifunctional arts and crafts bundle for multidisciplinary crafters and creative enthusiasts who are ready to experiment on any surface.

  • What are paint bundles & craft bundles for?

    Creative recruiting is part of the learning process. Creating paintings and crafts using an art supply bundle helps to develop thinking, spatial orientation, coordination, concentration, fine motor skills and organs of perception, consolidate new knowledge, fantasize, reveal potential and creativity. It is important to choose the right art supply bundle for creativity, appropriate for the age and tasks.

    Child paint bundles and craft bundles are designed to develop thinking and imagination. These art and craft bundles teach to glue, assemble, build, and cut. Such an art bundle is a great way to spend your leisure time. It is important to consider the type of art supply bundle and the kind of creativity that attracts the child at his or her age. For the smallest children, simple arts and crafts bundle with plasticine, stickers, paper are suitable. These craft bundles train fine motor skills and are easy and fun to play with. Older children will be interested in more complex art and craft bundles. For example, craft bundles for burning, painting, sewing.

    We have created a line of special complete art and craft bundles, for which you do not need to purchase anything. Take one art bundle and create, we took all the trouble of creating the perfect art supply bundle for ourselves. We tried to find interesting options based on the quality of materials, product reliability, and customer preferences. Our art supply bundle collection is divided into three subcategories:

  • art bundle - our special marker art supply bundle for rock painters and hobbyists;

  • craft bundle - a complete art supply bundle for painting wood slices or rocks, including all the necessary tools;

  • paint bundles – a unique brand offer with our best paints included in the art bundles.

  • How to choose the best art supply bundle?

    Children are attracted by a bright, beautiful, interesting and unusual art supply bundle or craft bundle. The types of craft bundles vary in price. The best manufacturers offer simple, but budgetary and more expensive, but complete art supply bundle at the same time. The best paint bundles are determined not by price, but by their constituent units and the quality of materials used in the art supply bundle. You can also read consumer reviews, they will help you avoid mistakes and tell you what to focus on when choosing the right art supply bundle.

    The selection criteria can fluctuate, depending on your goal and the audience for which you are purchasing the art supply bundle.

    The basic criteria for choosing a good art supply bundle are as follows:

  • rating and popularity of the craft bundle/ paint bundles;

  • equipment and functionality of the art bundle;

  • materials used in the art supply bundle and their safety;

  • art bundle age restrictions;

  • average cost of a quality art supply bundle;

  • the most trusted brands that produce arts and crafts bundle;

  • rating of quality paint bundles and craft bundles;

  • involvement in the creative process;

  • interest in a specific art supply bundle.

  • When determining the final price of the art supply bundle, check if additional costs for tools, materials, etc. are needed. If you are choosing a craft bundle for a child, an important factor is at what age the art supply bundle can be used. Basically, the information is indicated on the package, if it is missing, you should consult the manager. The material and its quality is one of the main criteria for choosing the suitable craft bundle or paint bundles. Be sure to clarify the composition, health safety and associated risks when buying the art supply bundle. We recommend giving preference to craft bundles and paint bundles made from environmentally friendly materials. If the art supply bundle requires special tools, check what materials it is made of, how it works, and how reliable it is to use. For complex art supply bundle or craft bundle, a complete and clean manual can be an important advantage; for simpler paint bundles, it may not be required at all.