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Choose the Amazon store in your area or select your country in the drop down menu during the checkout. Currently we ship only to selected countries.

Standard shipping generally takes 3-5 business days.

We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! Please feel free to contact us at or message us and our customer service representatives will sort it out as quickly as possible.


We have a 100-day 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy. Please visit this page for more information about refunds.

Collaboration & Sponsorship

We are proud to support artists throughout their artistic journeys. Please email us at for any inquiries. Provide your name or organization name and contact details as well as your request. Once reviewed, we will contact you directly.

If you are looking to become an Artistro Ambassador, please visit the Ambassador Program page.

If you are looking for the Affiliate Program please visit the Affiliate Program page.


Paint Pens & Markers

Artistro paint pens require a few steps to get them ready for use. Note: Artistro markers include instructions on the pens themselves, inside the box, and on the box of the markers too.

✔️ Step 1: Shake the marker well to ensure the paint is thoroughly mixed. Always shake the pen before using, especially if it hasn't used for a while. 

✔️ Step 2: Remove the cap. Use it to press lightly on the tip to let any air out. Start pumping the tip this way to activate the pen. As you press down, the paint will make its way to the tip. Be patient!

✔️ Step 3: We strongly recommend you test the ink on a piece of paper first before starting your project to ensure the ink runs smoothly. Once the tip is moist and you can draw a line with uninterrupted flow, it’s ready for use! 

Adhere to recommendations and drawing using paint markers will always be an easy and enjoyable experience!

Artistro paint pens work on almost any surface: rock, ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, vinyl, wood, fabric, canvas, paper,  pumpkins, leaves, denim, and more. 

Ideally, Artistro markers should be stored horizontally as this makes re-mixing the color inside the marker easier between uses. Avoid storing them vertically with the nib facing downward, as dense pigments will collect at the valve, making them susceptible to clogging and making re-agitation more difficult.

The simplest answer will be the difference in drying time. Water-based paint dries fast, whereas oil-based paint does not. Also, oil-based paint becomes permanent upon drying, while water-based paint is not water-resistant. To make acrylic paint permanent, you must seal or bake the project depending on the material.

We do not recommend using markers in contact with food. To claim markers as food safe, they must have FDA approval. Our markers have not been sent to FDA for this request.

All our products are certified non-toxic by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

No, Artistro does not test on animals.