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They work great on canvas and don’t bleed unless you push the nib and hold. They also can work on leather and fabric with a smooth texture. It is difficult to draw with markers on cotton though. We recommend hand wash cold for fabric but can’t guarantee they won’t fade after a while.

To claim markers food safe they should have FDA approval. Those markers have not been sent to FDA for this request. We do not recommend using markers in contact with food.

We do not recommend dishwash the project, because of high water temperature. It might be not dishwasher safe. But it is water resistant, when glass, porcelain and ceramic projects are properly cured. Just use warm water to wash mugs or cups, it will be safe for design.

Those won’t stay on glass or mirror permanently without oven baking. However, you can apply sealant for permanent results if you can’t bake the project.

Please, wait up to several hours until the paint is completely dry.

The range of the tips vary: extra-fine tip is 0.7mm-1mm, fine tip is 1mm-2mm, medium tip is 2mm-3 mm.

Yes, they work on metal. The solution is to let the pen ink dry completely then spray a clear acrylic sealer, but make sure each coat dries completely first.

No, unfortunately, the markers are not refillable.

No, the paint pens do not bleed through the paper, however it depends how thin is the paper and if the paint markers are acrylics or oil based.

It is semi-permanent. As with any paints, they do not wash out of clothes easily but as long as you seal the rock, it should last for years.

Yes, they work on wood and glass and just about anything.

Yes, you just need to make sure you snap the cap back on tight.

The simplest answer will be the drying time difference. Water-based markers dry fast where oil is not. Also, oil-based markers dry permanent, where water-based dry only water-resistant, thus to make them permanent you have to seal or bake the project depends on material.


There is no difference. Acrylic is a pigment that used as a component of ink that dissolves in water.

In this case you just need to think of a size of the pen or a marker.