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The main types of medium markers and their scope

Medium markers are the most common markers and are the most common type of tip, medium tip. Acrylic medium markers are the best choice for drawing. This type of marker is most often used for outdoor decorative work. When working with medium point markers, you can control the transitions and blend colors professionally. After drying, such a marker forms a film that is resistant to water.

There are several types of acrylic medium tip markers according to purpose:

  • General purpose. Such medium tip paint markers are used for all types of surfaces: metal, paper, wood, glass, etc. As a rule, these medium markers are water-based, less often alcohol-based.

  • Text medium markers. They have a translucent base, which is convenient for highlighting the main idea in the text, so these medium point markers are called text highlighters.

  • Industrial or special medium tip markers. They are suitable for marking various types of surfaces. Such medium tip paint markers are used in various applications, some even in aggressive environments (aerospace, medical, universal).

  • Art medium markers. They are used to create paintings, illustrations, graffiti, sketching, and other painting techniques. Art medium point markers have brightness and color saturation. While the ink is still wet, you can blend colors and create smooth transitions.

  • Main types and features of medium markers

    When it comes to the base of markers, there are three main types of medium markers: water, oil, and alcohol. Let's consider the water-based medium point markers as the most common ones, in more detail.

    1. Color characteristic. The compositions of water-based ink are in many ways similar to alcohol-based medium tip markers: they also have a quite wide spectrum and have a certain transparency of colors. The main difference between such medium tip paint markers can be called the fact that the color layer after drying does not dissolve with the next layer, as is the case with alcohol medium markers. Using water-based medium point markers, color blending and smooth transitions from one color to another is possible in the appropriate technique. The ink consumption of water-based medium markers is somewhat faster.
    2. Compatibility with other art materials. Water-based medium markers work well with alcohol markers. Such medium markers should be combined with other materials carefully, only after a preliminary test. This is due to the fact that in addition to water, the base of this type of medium tip paint markers includes a variety of chemicals that react differently to different paints. To work in the pouring technique, water-based medium markers can only be used after the contour has completely dried, otherwise it may blur during the process.
    3. Replaceable elements of medium markers. Water-based medium point markers may have replacement nib sets of the appropriate type.
    4. Application of medium markers. These water-based medium tip paint markers are mainly used on paper and cardboard. This type of medium marker has less ability to create thin, complex, realistic images. Water-based medium markers are more commonly used for sketching, comics, and decorative work. It is preferable to choose glossy paper, but thick cardboard is also suitable for graphic work.