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bestseller 12 extra fine tip paint pens

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12 Extra Fine Tip Acrylic Paint Pens — $20.99

An ultimate set with must-have colors to start drawing immediately. Loved across the world.

fixed sample set



Sample Set of 5 Markers — $3.00!

Not sure which pens would suit your drawing style? We have a solution. Our sample set includes 5 paint pens in different ink, color and tips. Try all and see with which one you fall in love with.



What is our mission and vision?

We want to help everyone believe in their own creativity and find their own inspiration. We are pleased to welcome professional and beginner artists into our ranks. Artistro is not only about offering affordable art supplies & art materials, but also about support and assistance to every artist. We have created our own network of social networks, transforming them into a single creative community. Here you can share your experience and artworks, advice and get recommendations on painting, art supplies, art products, and artist supplies online, find inspiration, and make new friends. Our company is guided by the following values: long-term cooperation, personalized service, encouragement of creativity in all its forms, donations for the development of art. Our vision is to make Artistro world famous by selling quality products, artist materials, and paint supplies online; providing the best customer service, and expanding our creative community. Join our creative community and let's create beauty together!

What makes our art supplies unique?

First of all, Artistro is a family business; therefore we strive to create clients once and for all by offering the best art supplies . We want you to be part of our creative family, our community. That's why we are always happy to hear your feedback and suggestions, offer you consultation and share advice. As artists ourselves, we understand the importance of having quality artists materials & professional art supplies at hand. Buying artist supplies online is an opportunity to make your purchase comfortable and save time on creating a new artwork.

We manufacture, continue to expand, and constantly improve our range of artist supplies & art materials online, including:

  • multicolor permanent paint markers & acrylic markers that work well on any different surfaces: paper, as well as on stone, wood, glass, ceramics, and even clothing
  • acrylic art paint is intended for painting and decorative artworks
  • watercolor art paint with a high concentration of coloring pigment and fine granulation
  • paint art supplies & art kits for creativity are educational kits for painting on stones and wood for children and adults
  • rocks for painting of different shapes and sizes for your original hobby
  • wood slices are created just in order to discover a new and useful hobby for your kids
  • art accessories-replacement tips, plain color kits, bags, pencil cases and more
  • exclusive painting markers sets and art pens bundles - special Artistro offer for our customers

We offer our premium quality art supplies & markers at an affordable price because we are convinced that the opportunity to create should be available to everyone, without exception. You are welcome to buy art supplies at our official online store. We create only those products & art supplies for artists that bring the joy of creativity to ourselves, and we are happy to share this joy with the whole world.

What are the benefits of our painting art supplies?

  • Paint markers. Marker paint pens drawings are clear and colorful, filled with multicolor (color) as if it comes from the inside. Acrylic pens work well on any thick paper, as well as on stone, wood, glass, ceramics, and even clothing. Our store offers Artisto paint pens with different nibs and paint types.
  • Acrylic paints. Our acrylic paints mix well. Due to its high coverage, it is sufficient to apply just one layer of paint for optimum effect. Fast drying without discoloration is guaranteed. Acrylic paints are intended for painting and decorative artworks. They can be used on almost any surface: paper, cardboard, canvas, wood, leather, etc.
  • Watercolor paints. Artistro watercolor sets have a high concentration of color tone, which is retained even when diluted with large amounts of water. This effect is ensured by a high concentration of coloring pigment and fine granulation. The paints mix well, wash out, and spread.
  • Stones for painting. Rock painting is a fascinating and unusual art that will be interesting for both adults and children. Enjoy the convenience of shopping on the best art supplies online with us. Here you will find everything you need for this original hobby: stones of different shapes and sizes. Try your creativity with this activity and discover an exciting new hobby for the whole family.
  • Wood slices. Wood painting is a traditional art that trains the skills of both beginners and experienced craftsmen perfectly. Wood slices are created to discover a new and useful hobby for your kids.
  • Creative kits. Our online art supplies include rare sets for creativity and educational kits for painting on stones and wood for children and adults. Such a gift will help to reveal the creative potential of anyone, as well as develop artistic taste, fine motor skills, and logical thinking in children.
  • Auxiliary artist materials. Artistro has everything you need for your creative hobby, including replacement tips, E-books, surprise sets, gift box and more artist's supplies!