There are many types of markers these days, and it is very difficult for a beginner artist to make a choice. That is why we created this short guide to help you. Below we explain different inks, tips and colors of the paint pens.

Paint Pens: Ink-Base Explained

Acrylic vs Oil-Based Pens

Most often, paint pens are made using alcohol, water, and oil bases. This ensures the safety of use since such bases make markers non-toxic, odorless, but the designs they create remain durable. In our range we offer acrylic-based pens and oil-based pens.


Acrylic markers perform an opaque and durable stroke. Their main advantage is the ability to paint on any surfaces, covering them with a thin but dense layer of paint.

In addition, acrylic painting pens do not wash with water after drying. As they are very easy to use, they can be a great substitute or addition to acrylic paints. In this case, you do not need to use brushes and palettes, since colors can be mixed directly on paper or canvas.

Acrylic markers are very versatile and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces such as paper, smooth wood, rocks, ceramics and more. One of the most popular use for acrylic paint pens is rock painting.


Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium & Brush Tips

At Artistro we offer paint pens in 4 different thickness: Extra Fine (0.7 mm tip), Fine (1 mm tip), Medium (2-3 mm tip) and Brush (1-3 mm tip).


0.7 mm tip - perfect for more precise writing or drawing tasks that require high precision. For example lettering and outlines.

It is recommended to use extra-fine pens in combination with other sizes.

PAINT PENS: Colors Explaines

Different Ink Colors

The larger the color palette, the more opportunities it gives for artistic ideas. Therefore when choosing your acrylic paint pens set, make sure to have enough colors so that you can create different artworks and experiment with layering and mixing colors. At Artistro we offer more than 55 colors including special colors such as metallic, fluorescent and glitter. This will make sure that your art work will stand out!

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