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You as an Artistro Ambassador are inspiring creators from around the world. You help us to keep our finger on the pulse of your communities and provide us with invaluable feedback so that we can improve and grow.

Through Artistro Ambassador Program you receive tools and experiences, product to try out, a network of like-minded people, and support from us. Our relationship opens up the possibility to get up to big things together - to make a difference in artistic communities!

You are not in just a partnership, you are an extension to the Artistro brand! You are the face of the brand!

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How we work together

USA-based Brand

USA-based Brand

Family Business

Family Business

You purchase — We donate

You purchase — We donate

Meet our Ambassadors

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Natasha Lombardi

Natasha Lombardi (USA)


I love Artistro paint pens because I am able to use them on wood and other surfaces. They hold color so well and they are so easy to work with. These paint pens are such a time saver for me. I really believe in this brands products I would strongly recommend them to any artist. 

Alaina Dawson

Alaina Dawson (USA)


I enjoy being an Artistro brand ambassador because I am able to discover and share new creative projects that can be done with Artistro acrylic paint pens!

Stephanie Carrillo

Stephanie Carrillo (USA)


I love using these vibrant colors to really make my art pop. Being an ambassador of Artistro allows me to inspire others to get creative and let their imagination soar.

Jennifer Moncada

Jennifer Moncada (USA)


Hi there my names Jennifer

I've been using artistro paint pens for a few months now and they've totally changed the quality of my artwork for the better. The paint glides on smoothly on so many surfaces I couldn't paint on before. I can't imagine not using them on all of my artwork now!

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Become an Ambassador

You should be older than
18 years old.

You should be from one of these countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, or the Netherlands.

You should know the social media tools and assist in content creating, therefore, they should have an established online presence (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and etc) with a high engagement rate.

You should have a large network and work/have a hobby in a sphere of art-creating/crafting.

If you believe you are a perfect fit - please fill out the form below!

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