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Brush tip paint markers - Set of 16 paint brush markers

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16 MULTICOLOR paint brush markers

Multitask brush markers. Paint brush markers have the special type of nib. The flexible soft nylon tip works as a brush marker and as a standard tip depending on the need. According to your desire, paint brush markers are able to create an extra-fine, thin, medium, and even thick line. In addition, paint brush pens are perfect for calligraphy and lettering, as they are able to change the thickness of the line instantly right in the process of work, without interruption or making a glut at the junction.

Most desired colors. In this set of brush markers we have included your favorite colors: 8 base and 8 metallic paint brush markers. The metallic brush markers provide an amazing artist experience on dark surfaces. Enjoy stunning effect of brush tip paint markers and play of chiaroscuro on an all-black background, where colors appear brighter and richer, emphasizing the intricate details of your artwork.

Beautiful gift box. This set of paint brush markers has a beautiful box and is convenient for storage. The festival look of the set of paint brush pens makes it a great gift choice; adults and children will be delighted with such an original gift. The durable materials used in the box of paint brush markers extend the life of the set and protect your brush tip paint markers from dust and moisture.

Multi-surface acrylic markers. These brush markers are non-toxic, water resistant and provide strong coverage. For the production of these paint brush markers, we use non-toxic, acid-free material. Paint brush pens are made exclusively from certified and safe materials that do not contain toxins and are free from acid. Thus, the use of our brush tip paint markers will protect your artwork from oxidation and fading.

Colors included: multicolor paint brush markers