product 30 extra fine tip acrylic paint pens
30 colors palette
specs of 30 acrylic paint pens
works on any surfaces with 30 extra fine tip
ideal for precise work and fill-in

Extra fine tip acrylic paint pens - Set of 30 ultra fine paint pens

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30 MULTICOLOR acrylic ultra fine pens

Wide palette of colors. We offer this set of 42 fine tip acrylic paint pens, including blue, green, yellow, red, purple, cyan, brown sectors + bonus shades of black and white. This is the optimal set of fine tip pen if you want to have all the colors you need at hand, but do not have the opportunity to use several sets at the same time.

Unleash your inner DIY-er. A colorful palette of colored ultrafine pens provides an almost unlimited scope for your inner artist. From now on, you will be able to create on many extraordinary surfaces, including fabric, stones, ceramic dishes, canvas and much more. Be sure to try all available surfaces with our fine tip acrylic paint pens.

Waterproof markers. Our excellent fine tip pen provide not only a quality painting experience, but also the ability to extend the life of your art projects. After baking the design created with our ultrafine pens, you can enjoy your artwork without borders without worrying that your design will be damaged.

Markers for all ages. This set of fine tip acrylic paint pens is suitable for both adults and children. We made sure that our product is safe to use even for the smallest artists. Our acrylic painter pens are approved for use by children from 4 years old.

Colors included: multicolor extra fine tip acrylic paint pens




Ideal for drawing on rocks, wood, canvas, ceramics and etc.

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I started using these in my other drawings, new colors to expand my color palettes!



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