product 12 extra fine tip glitter paint pen
12 colors palette
glitter extra fine tip best for sparkling details
add sparkle touch to your rocks, finish with spray sealer
you'll love shimmer effect, consistent flow, sturdy tips
12 glitter markers great for coloring, card making, lettering
Set of 12 glitter markers

Extra Fine Tip glitter paint pen - Set of 12 glitter markers

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12 EXTRA fine glitter pens 

Create sparkling designs. Our glitter pens are the best glitter pens for scrapbooking, card making, creative lettering, coloring pages, stone painting, cardboard, Christmas decorations, DIY projects, and more.

Safe glitter markers. Our glitter markers have passed all the necessary procedures to obtain the appropriate certification in the US and the EU. Despite this, please note that glitter pens are intended for the appropriate age groups and for decorative purposes only. These glitter markers are approved for use by children over 3 years old.

Best for sparkling details. You will love shimmer effect, consistent flow, sturdy tips of our glitter markers. The premium quality, extra fine tip of the glitter pen allows you to create your artwork with exceptional precision. These glitter pens are the best glitter pens for tiny drawings, fine details, complex projects, pattern making, and calligraphy tasks. Thanks to our glitter markers, you will get the desired precision and elegance in your artwork at any time.

Magic rainbow of colors. In this glitter markers set, we've packed the most vibrant, colorful, and brilliant colored glitter pens you’ve ever wanted. Your kids are sure to love the bright and eye-catching colors of these glitter pens. This set of glitter markers is sure to capture your imagination and inspire you to create new amazing designs that shine brighter than the stars.

Colors included: glitter paint pens




Ideal for drawing on rocks, wood, canvas, ceramics and etc.

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12 Extra Fine metallic + 12 glitter markers
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bundle 12 metallic+12 glitter+42 extra fine markers
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