Wood Slices - Set of 25 tree slices & wood discs
Wood Slices - Set of 50 tree slices & wood discs
diameter 3-4", 0.4"
personalize your gifts with artistro wooden slices
perfect diy projects for any occasions
resin art
acrylic pouring

Wood Slices - Set of 25/50 tree slices & wood discs (only US)

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25/50 tree slices/wood discs for crafts

Environmentally friendly materials. We are a conscious brand and select only the best and safest wood discs for you. By purchasing this set of circle wood pieces, you are making your small contribution to protecting the environment, because our tree slices are completely natural and do not pollute the environment.

Safety and quality circle wood pieces. Feel free to buy our wood discs for educational activities with children. Our set of wood slices for sale is not subjected to any chemical processing other than natural preparation. Creativity with our wood discs is absolutely safe for children of any age.

Compact and handy format. For your convenience, we have created an optimal work surface, our tree slices. Each of our circle wood pieces has an optimal diameter and is already pre-processed and cleaned, and completely ready to use. As a bonus, we have provided each of wood discs with a special hole for future hanging.

Perfect art surface for crafting. Use our wood slices for sale to create your own original art projects and handmade decorations. This is a great choice for eco-conscious artists and lovers of natural decorations. Wood discs are not only an original art surface for work, but also a way to get in touch with absolutely safe and natural art.

Surface included: tree slices/wood discs