12 extra fine tip metallic markers
specs of 12 metallic paint pens
turn your rocks into precious stones
you will love the metallic effect
product great for coloring, card making, lettering
12 extra fine tip markers waterproof after baking or sealing
12 colors palette

Extra Fine Tip metallic markers - Set of 12 metallic marker pens

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12 Extra Fine metallic markers

Stunning metallic effect. Turn your rocks into precious gems with our metallic markers! You will love the metallic effect of these metallic paint markers as much as we do. These metallic paint markers will help you create many wonderful artworks, unique custom gifts, and original craft projects for your portfolio and family reunions.

High quality acrylic ink. The metallic pens inks are easy to mix and harden within 2-3 minutes. After metallic marker pens dry, the ink becomes matte with a stunning glossy effect. Using our metallic markers, you can be sure that your artwork will last a long time and delight your eyes.

Great gift. A set of these unique metallic paint pens makes an amazing gift for art lovers and your creative friends. In addition, these metallic paint markers will definitely win the sympathy of your children, nephews, or students. You can be sure that drawing with these metallic marker pens is safe for children, because our metallic markers are certified for use by kids over 3 years old.

The premium extra fine tip. A quality Japanese tip will ensure the long life of your metallic paint pens. The metallic pens are easy to prime, they provide an even and rich flow of ink throughout the entire time of work. The specially formulated acrylic inks of our metallic markers dry in minutes, allowing you to create layered and intricate designs on a variety of surfaces with the comfortable metallic paint pens nib.

Colors included: metallic paint pen




Ideal for drawing on rocks, wood, canvas, ceramics and etc.

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