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Rock Painting Kit Art Set – for Kids Crafts & Adult Craft Kit for Hide and Seek or Kindness Rocks


    WHILE OTHER CRAFT KITS DISAPPOINT WITH dull, low-quality translucent paints & stickers that won’t stick, our Artistro Kids Paint Rock Art Kit uses NON-TOXIC, FAST-DRYING, OPAQUE CRAFT PAINT that is WATERPROOF, SELF-SEALING and VIBRANT AFTER just one layer. This means, after drying, your beautiful arts and crafts can live outside no matter what the weather’s like. And our transfer STICKERS ADHERE TO the craft rocks smooth surface & won’t disappoint!
    SOME ROCK PAINTING SET'S DON’T COME WITH ROCKS, A discovery that can spoil your plans & your mood. Others have rocks that are INCONSISTENT IN SIZE or with an UGLY, ROUGH SURFACE IMPOSSIBLE TO paint on. No fun! We ensure all of the 10 PAINTING ROCKS in our kid's art supplies are ROUND, SMOOTH, FLAT ROCKS. The perfect for rocks to paint! Our rock paint kit even comes with a ROCK HOLDER TO KEEP your river rocks for painting in place as you paint.
    WE PROVIDE EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO let your creativity flow! Perfect for paint party supplies, each kid's craft kits include 10 ROCKS, 12 COLORS acrylic paints for kids, a PALETTE, 4 PAINT BRUSHES (2 round, 2 flat), a set of HOLIDAY TRANSFER STICKERS, & a PAINT SPONGE for UNIQUE DESIGNS. A black & a white fine tipped PAINT PENS for rock painting detailed work & lettering. Creativity for kids & adults alike!
     UNIQUE ONLY TO ARTISTRO, WE offer a REAL HOW-TO BOOKLET (not an eBook), featuring EASY-TO-FOLLOW, STEP-BY-STEP tutorials for a ton of rock painting ideas including Halloween crafts & Christmas crafts rock designs your kids will love. Perfect for kids ages 4 & up and adults who are kids at heart! Your kid's painting set arrives in a BEAUTIFUL GIFT BOX & is the perfect kids gift for the holidays! Perfect for arts and crafts for kids, kindness messages or hide and seek games.
    AT ARTISTRO, WE BELIEVE THERE IS AN ARTIST IN EVERYONE, AND it is our passion to bring out the beauty, art, CREATIVITY & A SPIRT OF PLAY IN EVERY ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS. We are a family business and a family of artists. We believe that through art one can REALIZE, EXPRESS & REVEAL HERSELF. If you do not love your kids craft supplies, REACH OUT TO US & WE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT..

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