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Small craft rocks - 10/30/60 flat rocks (1.5-2.5") (only US)

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Style:set of 10

Small craft rocks for painting

Premium quality at the best price. Artistro offers you the best combination of good price and premium quality craft rocks. Take advantage of our special price offer and purchase this set of flat smooth rocks made from 100% environmentally friendly materials. Small rocks for painting is an art set for beginners and professionals that will help you master the basics of working with original surfaces like flat rocks.

Tabula rasa for your creativity. We have prepared for you a completely blank set of flat smooth rocks for the perfect embodiment of your creative daring. It's a clean, small rocks that you can interpret however you want.

Eco-friendly set of flat rocks. We always strive to use natural materials. This set of craft rocks is made from 100% natural pebbles, which we personally select and carefully prepare for your convenience before use. Our flat smooth rocks have undergone the necessary pre-treatment and are ready for use. By purchasing these polished flat rocks for painting, you save the time needed to prepare the small rocks for work.

Solid and compromise format. Our small rocks have a format that allows them to fit in a stand, which will ensure the flat rocks are fixed in place while painting. You can choose from several sizes of craft rocks offered by Artistro, always finding the set of flat rocks for painting that will be optimal for your artwork.

Surface included: craft rocks