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Acrylic paint set - 24 colors with brushes

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Acrylic paint set with brushes - 24 COLORS

Universal acrylic paint set. We have specially designed this acrylic paint kit as a complete independent unit, having collected not only acrylic paints, but also all the necessary art tools in it. In one acrylic painting kit, you immediately get an acrylic paint set (24 colors), 3 different types of brushes, an art palette, and a bonus set of colorful stickers to match the color of acrylic paints.

Wide palette of acrylic colors. The acrylic paint set includes 22 unique colors in 22 ml tubes, as well as classic black and white in special increased 50 ml tubes. Thus, in one acrylic paint set with brushes you get more paint for the same price.

Professional labeling of paint tubes. If you’ve been looking for a professional acrylic painting set for adults, congratulations, here it is. This acrylic paint set is designed specifically for the convenience of both beginners and professionals. Informative tube markings allow you to become proficient in color theory while you use the acrylic paint kit. Each tube has special markings, including the name of the color, the level of transparency of the paint, the pigment code, the volume in both milliliters and ounces. In addition, as a surprise, in the acrylic paint set you will find a set of stickers to cheer you up, which can be glued to the corresponding tube. The protective cap has a special sealed design and screw-thread to prevent paint leakage when the acrylic painting kit not in use.

Excellent quality and safety guarantee. As a conscious brand, we care about the quality of our products and the well-being of our customers, which is why our acrylic paint set has all the necessary certificates. We also offer a special 365-days Artistro guarantee on all of our products, including this acrylic painting kit.

Attractive gift box. Our acrylic painting set for adults & kids is designed with love for art and our customers, which inspired us to create a universal acrylic paint set. This set is perfect as a gift for art lovers, and if you buy our acrylic painting kit for yourself, then the stylish packaging design and cute stickers will delight you personally.

Colors included: multicolor acrylic paint set



22 tubes of 22 ml + additional white and black colors in tubes of 50 ml.

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What I loved about these acrylic paints is that they held a super pigmentation once they were dried.