Small Rocks - 5 round rocks (1.5-2.5")
perfect diy painting stone for any occasions
create unique rock painting
develop creativity and get close to nature
spread kindness with paint rocks
have fun with tic-tac-toe game

Small Rocks - 5 round rocks (1.5-2.5") (only US)

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5 Round rocks for painting

Budget-friendly set. Gray small rocks for stone painting is a compact set of 5 of perfect natural round rocks for painting prepared especially for your future stone painting designs. Buying this set of round rocks for sale at our special price, you get premium quality flat rocks for painting at a bargain price. Save your money by making a choice in favor of a budget-friendly pack of round rocks.

100% organic material. For manufacturing Artistro round rocks only 100% organic, round rocks are used. Being an environmentally conscious company, we refuse to test our products, including flat rocks for painting, on animals and use only natural materials for the production of round rocks for sale.

Format customization. We offer you a set of round rocks for painting for artist's needs with the optimal working surface dimensions. If necessary, you can choose a set of round rocks for sale of other size that better suits your creative ideas.

Magic paintable rocks for any occasion. Create unique stone decorations, paintable rocks, colorful handmade designs, original Kindness small rocks, unusual children's games with our round rocks. These round rocks for painting will help decorate your home and add a festive atmosphere to any holiday or weekday.

Surface included: round rocks



Ideal for drawing on rocks, wood, canvas, ceramics and etc.

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I started using these in my other drawings, new colors to expand my color palettes!