product 10 painting replacement nibs
compatible with any artistro extra fine tip paint pens
extra fine replacement tips great for detailing

Extra Fine Paint Marker Replacement tips - set of 10 painting nibs (only US)

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paint marker tips - paint marker replacement tips

■ GET YOUR OLD MARKERS BACK ON LINE. Breathe new life into used paint pens with Artistro paint marker replacement tips. There is no need to buy new fillable paint pens at full price, just replace painting nibs with the new ones and your fillable paint pens will work again like the one you just bought.

■ PERFECT DIAMETER OF PAINTING NIBS. Choose the type of painting nibs that is right for you. We have made sure that you always get the best results with extra fine paint marker replacement tips. Just change the painting nibs and enjoy perfect ink flow again.

■ EASY REPLACEMENT OF PAINTING NIBS. You don't need any special tools or preparation to replace the paint marker replacement tips. Remove the old painting nibs and replace it with the paint marker replacement tips using tweezers in a few easy movements. Even your kid can handle using paint marker replacement tips his or her own hand.

■ COMPATIBLE WITH ANY TYPE OF PAINTING NIBS. Extra fine paint marker replacement tips are suitable for any Artistro extra fine fillable paint pens  regardless of collection, bundle, set, or colors. Now you don't have to choose when changing painting nibs in your favorite markers: perfect detailing with fine tip or dense toning with medium tip. paint marker replacement tips will bring your fillable paint pens  of the required tip type back to life.

 INCLUDED painting nibs: Extra fine paint marker replacement tips