20 Inspiring Pride Month Art Ideas

20 Inspiring Pride Month Art Ideas

Try Pride Painting Ideas by Artistro. In Pride Month, be yourself, be equal, be creative with our original Pride month art ideas!

Table of Contents:

  • Unique LGBT pride art ideas
  • Rock painting Pride month art ideas
  • Rainbow LGBT painting

  • Pride is an annual event aimed at attracting public attention to LGBT issues. This is a colorful celebration that includes entertainment and educational activities, which ends with a procession along the main streets of the city. Participants attend the event regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

    Most of the celebrations are traditionally held in June. The Pride name became official after the Stonewall riots in 1969, although there were no formal uprisings. After another police raid at the Stonewall Inn gay club, a series of protests and demonstrations in support of LGBT people began. For the first time, community representatives spoke about their rights. A year later, an action took place in New York in memory of this event; it is considered the very first pride.

    The community symbol is the rainbow flag, invented by the artist and public figure Gilbert Baker in 1978. Thinking about what to draw, the artist used a special symbolism. The flag consists of six colors, each of which has a specific meaning. Together, they reflect the diversity of identities that form LGBT community.

    Unique LGBT pride art ideas

    Proud heart painting-pride painting ideas

    Proud heart painting

    Who is the most proud animal in the wild? Of course this is a lion, the king of beasts. Show that you are proud to be yourself by telling the whole world about it!

    Rainbow & Cloud rock painting-pride painting ideas

    Raccoon's rainbow painting

    Our mascot Artie cannot stand aside and also joins the celebration of LGBTQIA Pride Month! Take advantage of Artie's inspirational LGBT art exclusively this June.

    Creating reality painting-pride painting ideas

    Creating reality painting

    Create your own reality; it is possible if only you can imagine it. Spread the news to your friends and family with these simple yet magical cards.

    Magical rainbow unicorn painting-pride painting ideas

    Magical rainbow unicorn painting

    Still looking for a magical rainbow unicorn? Use our special festival LGBT painting idea to summon this magical creature in Pride Month!

    Magic time drawing-pride painting ideas

    Magic time drawing

    Now is the time to add some magic to support LGBTQIA Pride Month! Start by creating these cute hearts to spread more love, equality and happiness around the world!

    Who I am mug design-pride painting ideas

    Who I am mug design

    Show the world that a person determines own destiny oneself and decides who one should be. Remember who you really are. Share this Pride month art with the world.

    SpongeBob RainbowPants painting-pride painting ideas

    SpongeBob RainbowPants painting

    A favorite of the public, both adults and children, SpongeBob returns with a bunch of creative ideas. Seal this unique LGBT pride art on your pants to help SpongeBob take part in the Parade!

    Rock painting Pride month art ideas

    What is love rock painting-pride painting ideas

    What is love rock painting

    Love is care, support, mutual understanding. Love is equality. Love is a feeling without boundaries and gender conventions. Love is a feeling engraved in stone and in your heart. Love is love.

    Be yourself rock painting-pride painting ideas

    Be yourself rock painting

    Express yourself, your creative vision, and your social position by painting the stones in the colors of the rainbow. Create LGBT painting, be yourself in Pride Month!

    Rainbow mandala rock painting-pride painting ideas

    Rainbow mandala rock painting

    This mandala will become a unique Pride month art. Take advantage of the benefits of this work: the meditative effect of patterning and the joy of creativity!

    Rainbow smile rock painting-pride painting ideas

    Rainbow smile rock painting

    Light the hearts of others with this simple yet genuine rainbow smile! Be proud as you carry this rainbow out into the world in Pride Month.

    Rainbow & Cloud rock painting-pride painting ideas

    Rainbow & Cloud rock painting

    Just as a beautiful rainbow appears to show the world its beauty after a long pouring rain, so your appearance can dissolve clouds over someone's head. Gift this LGBT pride art to become someone's rainbow!

    Cute monsters rock paintings-pride painting ideas

    Cute monsters rock paintings

    Love is impossible to resist, just as it is impossible to resist the charm of these two cute monsters! Add them to your Pride month art collection.

    Rainbow firebird feather rock painting-pride painting ideas

    Rainbow firebird feather rock painting

    Who in childhood has not dreamed of catching the feather of a magic firebird? As we grew up, this dream has become a reality: Create your very own firebird feather infused with magical rainbow power!

    Ultimate rainbow power rock paintings-pride painting ideas

    Ultimate rainbow power rock paintings

    Behold the combined power of rainbow stones and LGBT painting! Get ready for the Pride Parade by creating your own collection of rainbow stones.

    Rainbow LGBT painting

    Creative rainbow painting-pride painting ideas

    Creative rainbow painting

    Demonstrate the strength of the artist's creative personality, united by the common goal of equality and pride. Let the world see your creativity reflected in LGBT pride art!

    Rainbow heart mug design-pride painting ideas

    Rainbow heart mug design

    Have you ever looked for the heart of the rainbow? Is it inside a cloud or at the bottom of a leprechaun's pot of gold? But no. It's on your favorite painted mug!

    Lion claws manicure-pride painting ideas

    Lion claws manicure

    Looking for your new style for Pride Month? Fashion ambulance is here! This simple LGBT painting idea for manicure will not only captivate your friends but also save you money on a professional fashion advisor.

    Weather in the house drawing-pride painting ideas

    Weather in the house drawing

    Are you dwelling on how to make your life brighter and richer? It's simple: just add bright rainbow colors to it!

    Masculine ceramic mug design-pride painting ideas

    Masculine ceramic mug design

    LGBTQIA Pride Month is the right time to prove that gender equality is not only possible, but exists. Show off your masculinity by using a gender element like a mustache as your design.

    What other pride month art ideas would you like to add to our list?