20+ Star Wars Painting Ideas to Celebrate Star Wars Day

20+ Star Wars Painting Ideas to Celebrate Star Wars Day

Amazing and creative painting ideas for Star Wars Fans

Table of Contents:

  • Funny Star Wars paintings for Padawans
  • Original Star Wars Painting Ideas for Jedi Quest
  • Star Wars artworks of a Jedi Master level

  • Funny Star Wars Paintings for Padawans

    Star Wars painting ideas-Fine Jedi Academy tutorial drawing

    1. Fine Jedi Academy tutorial drawing

    One of the basics of Padawan training is to learn how to depict the figure of the great Master step by step!

    Star Wars painting ideas-Winter Jedi Robe rock painting

    2. Winter Jedi Robe rock painting

    A jedi shall not know anger. Nor hatred. Nor love. A jedi master knows neither fear nor cold! As painted sweater warm one will.

    Star Wars painting ideas-Ancient Jedi Wisdom mug design

    3. Ancient Jedi Wisdom mug design

    Draw from an endless well of ancient Jedi wisdom with Master Yoda and this easy painting of Star Wars!

    Star Wars painting ideas-Death Star eclipse wood slice

    4. Death Star eclipse wood slice

    Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away... an event occurred that changed the course of galactic history. Behold the eclipse of the Death Star, created by your own hands!

    Star Wars painting ideas-Stormtrooper armor upgrade desing

    5. Stormtrooper armor upgrade desing

    Since the legions of stormtroopers have been brought to operational readiness, it's time to think about improving the armor. How about a brand new tin helmet while Star Wars painting?

    Star Wars painting ideas-Tatooine tic tac toe rock paintings

    6. Tatooine tic tac toe rock paintings

    Dare to challenge the Jawas in the most popular Tatooine tic tac toe game? Haven't you finished cleaning your house yet? Then the Jawas are coming to you!

    Original Star Wars Painting Ideas for Jedi Quest

    Star Wars painting ideas-Lightsaber bookmark crafts

    7. Lightsaber bookmark crafts

    The LightSaber Fighting Lesson Begins! Make yourself comfortable and do not forget to bookmark the paragraph under study, as well as make the bookmark itself.

    Star Wars painting ideas-Portrait of the mandalorian painting

    8. Portrait of the mandalorian painting

    Still in doubt that Han shot first? Then it's time to join the study of Mandalorian strategy and Star Wars painting!

    Star Wars painting ideas-Once upon a time in Mos Eisley bar glass designs

    9. Once upon a time in Mos Eisley bar glass designs

    Replenish your Force bar with acrylic Star Wars painting! Art that everyone can do. Invite your favorite characters to a themed cocktail party now!

    Star Wars painting ideas-Force-flavored cocktail party wood slices

    10. Force-flavored cocktail party wood slices

    The rebels need rest, too. Sometimes even heroes of the revolution need a break and a sip of refreshing drinks. Bolster the morale of the rebellion with these logos that even a рadawan can master with stencils.

    Star Wars painting ideas-The Best Dad in the Galaxy mug design

    11. The Best Dad in the Galaxy mug design

    Who is the best intergalactic dad of all times according to the imperial community poll? Darth Vader, of course! Let's honor such an important achievement of Lord Vader with this simple Star Wars painting.

    Star Wars artworks of a Jedi Master level

    Star Wars painting ideas-Free hugs Wookiee guide painting

    12. Free hugs Wookiee guide painting

    "Make hugs, not Star Wars" - ancient Kashyyyk wisdom. How to host a free hug contest? You will need: 1 sheet of paper, a set of watercolors, 1 black marker, 1 wookiee, and a pinch of ancient Kashyyyk wisdom. Done!

    Star Wars painting ideas-Two-faced Janus oil canvas painting

    13. Two-faced Janus painting

    Just as the ancient deity Janus has two different guises, so the Death Star has two faces. Which of its guises will you meet today?

    Star Wars painting ideas-Behold the Force of abstractionism painting

    14. Behold the Force of abstractionism painting

    The art of painting is conquered only by the most persistent and enduring. Only the Chosen One can recognize the true Force of modern art!

    Star Wars painting ideas-Cool baby Yoda t-shirt print design

    15. Cool baby Yoda t-shirt print design

    Looking for an original design for a T-shirt with a unique painting of Star Wars? The Mandalorian ambulance is on the way!

    Star Wars painting ideas-ROCKsaber paintings

    16. ROCKsaber paintings

    Are you ready to challenge the real Jedi? Then get ready for the upcoming duel armed with a colored rocktsabers!

    Star Wars painting ideas-Imperial greeting card drawing

    17. Imperial greeting card drawing

    Congratulate your family and loved ones on the upcoming Star Wars Day using this original Star Wars painting idea for greeting cards!

    Star Wars painting ideas-The Love of the Dark Side drawing

    18. The Love of the Dark Side drawing

    Behold the true power of LOVE of the Dark Side! Join the kawaii Lord Vader to rule the Galaxy of Love together!

    Who is your favorite Star Wars character and why?